We Have a Plan to Plant 1 Billion Trees by 2032

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Urth is built on the belief that good business shouldn’t cost the planet, it should give back to it. After planting 3 million trees across five countries in six years, we’re expanding our product range to plant 1 billion trees by 2032.

Words by Urth HQ

Urth (formerly Gobe) was born in 2014 on a two-year road trip through South America by friends Chris Gooley, Christian Gibson and Minnie Piccardo. Exploring some of the world’s most beautiful natural places with cameras inspired a fierce desire to preserve nature. They created a feature-length film about their trip, Pacifico, in 2020. Frustrated with the lack of good quality affordable lens filters, and inspired by Patagonia’s progressive environmental business model, they saw a golden opportunity.

“We wanted to create lasting positive change for the planet and realised that conscientious business was the best way to do that. Our camera accessories give creators the option of professional quality, planet positive camera accessories that plant 5 trees,” Christian explained. “And they can plant another 5 by entering a unique code on the back of the recycled packaging.”

We want to inspire more creators to join us in protecting our biggest inspiration.”

So far, Urth has planted 3 million trees and funded over 30,000 days of employment in climate-change-affected communities in Haiti, Indonesia, Madagascar, Mozambique, and Nepal. Having recently renamed to Urth from Gobe, Christian and Chris now have a bigger vision for the future.

We want to inspire more creators to join us in protecting our biggest inspiration so we’re expanding our range of carbon-positive tools beyond lens filters into camera straps and backpacks later this year,” Chris said. “We want people to spend more time in nature with a camera. So they can capture her beauty and share it with the world.”

“Beyond our expanding range of carbon-positive camera accessories and tools for creators, we’ve also undertaken an independent life cycle analysis so we can know the true impact of each of our products and we’re committing to a minimum 10x positive impact through tree planting – one of the best ways to slow climate change.” 

“We are working to minimise the impact of our products as well as maximise the positive impact we have on the planet as a business,” Christian said. “We believe our mission and vision will resonate with conscientious creators, that’s why we’ve pledged to plant 1 billion trees by 2032.”

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