• Uma Chaghaghi

Twelve Frames with Uma Chaghaghi

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Welcome to Twelve Frames with Uma Chaghaghi, the latest roll of Portra shot for the Urth Twelve Frames Project.

Spend a day looking through the lens with Uma in the Northern Rivers NSW, Australia.

Photography by Uma Chaghaghi

  • Full name

    Uma Chaghaghi

  • Home town

    Byron Bay

  • Instagram


In your own words, what do you do?

Experiment with ideas, follow my urges and inspirations, do what I love.

What are you working on right now?

Moving towards exhibiting some works.

When did you shoot the roll?

Last week – April 2019.

Where did you shoot the roll?

Lismore, Byron Bay, Rosebank, Cabarita and Bangalow.

No. 1

Take a frame at first light

Uma Chaghaghi

First light with bic.

No. 2

Shoot your favourite tree

Uma Chaghaghi

Never had a chance.

No. 3

Take a self-portrait outside

Uma Chaghaghi

Bike highway.

No. 4

Shoot a space you feel creative in

My room, wherever that may be.

No. 5

Shoot the weather

Cyclone swell.

No. 6

Photograph someone you love

Uma Chaghaghi

“If you can’t love yourself, how in tha hell you gonna love somebody else?!” — RuPaul

No. 7

Shoot a stranger

Uma Chaghaghi

Her name was Rose.

No. 8

Shoot your backyard

Uma Chaghaghi

Countryside in the burbs.

No. 9

Shoot the contents of your bag

Uma Chaghaghi

Cigs and soothers.

No. 10

Shoot something that makes you happy

Uma Chaghaghi

Music and Zac.

No. 11

Take a frame at last light

Uma Chaghaghi

First and last light.

No. 12

Shoot yourself before bed

Uma Chaghaghi

Goodnight darling.

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