The 10 Most Read Urth Magazine Stories of 2021

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This year reinforced how essential creativity is — to adapt, to connect and to see a way forward. As we wrap up 2021, we hope our most-read stories inspire your creativity in the year ahead.

Words and Photography by Urth HQ

10. 6 Self-Portrait Ideas to Experiment With

Self-portraits don’t need to be tacky, and they don’t need to be shot with a top-of-the-range camera. Learn how to take thoughtful self-portraits from the comfort of home.

Self-portrait ideas

9. 15 Essential Products Every Photographer Should Have

Professional photographer Tim Swallow shares the items he doesn’t leave home without.

8. The Greats: How Slim Aarons Captured the Inner Circle of High Society

Slim Aarons documented celebrity culture like no one else. Discover how he helped define the way modern photographers capture people in their environment.

7. Aboriginal Artist Wayne Quilliam Shares Cultural Stories Through Psychedelic Landscape Photos

We talk to award-winning photographer Wayne Quilliam about how he has been sharing stories around community and Country for over three decades.

6. 4 Famous Portrait Photographers to Inspire Your Next Portrait Project

Take a look at these portrait photographers and learn about their career and era-defining work.

Photo by famous portrait photographer Alec Soth.

5. The 11 Pieces of Gear Chiara Zonca Uses For a Photoshoot

Chiara shares her favourite analog and digital cameras, lenses, filters and equipment for a day of taking photos.

Chiara Zonca Gear flatlay

4. A Complete Guide to Shutter Speed: Examples & Photos

Learn how to master all types of shutter speed photography and create motion blur in your photographs.

Correctly exposed scene when using a slow shutter speed and an ND filter.

3. Terrazzo Tables Made From Demolition Waste by Design Studio Five Mile Radius

How can construction help people find harmony with the environment? We chat to Five Mile Radius’ Clare Kennedy to find out more.

2. The 3 Best Filters for Landscape Photography, Ranked

Your guide to understanding and buying lens filters for landscape photography.

Shot with an Urth CPL Filter Plus+.

1. How to Use Infrared Filters for Stunning Photos

The number one story for 2021. Learn how to make the invisible ‘visible’ with infrared filter photography.

Photo of the sky shot with an infrared filter.

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