5 Features That Make This Backpack Perfect for Creative Professionals

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Spend time picking the right backpack and it becomes an extension of yourself. 

Words and Photography by Urth HQ

A thoughtfully designed backpack can act as a hard working assistant for creatives. When your day-to-day involves last minute edits, off the cuff projects or impromptu shoots, having to constantly carry your laptop and photography gear with you can be difficult – unless you have the right backpack. 

Urth’s Arkose backpack has been thoughtfully designed by creators, for creators, to offer all the essentials needed to travel, commute and create – sustainably. Here are five standout features that make this the perfect small backpack for on-the-move creative types.

1. Snap in half design for a faster workflow

The Arkose backpack has an innovative snap in half design giving you incredible flexibility for a range of conditions and uses. The divider can be zipped up to carry smaller items in the lower compartment, or unzipped to reveal one large section if you’re carrying larger equipment and gear. 

For added versatility, the lower compartment of the Arkose perfectly fits the Urth small camera insert, making it a great combo for day trips when you only need one camera and a few lenses. 

2. 12 storage zones to keep you organised

When it comes to storage, the Arkose offers a huge amount of possibilities for a relatively small backpack. 

You’ll find 12 storage zones across the Arkose’s two main compartments, including padded laptop and tablet pockets, plus space for a water bottle, portable charger, external hard drive, stylus pen and daily gear. You can also pair it with the Arkose camera insert, which fits snugly into the bottom half of the backpack, if your creative career requires you to carry photography equipment with you. 

Think of it as part laptop backpack, part gym bag, optional camera backpack, cleverly designed into one compact design.

“Really in love with the design. Love the minimalistic style and the amount of pockets is just right.” – Sarah

3. Durable, weatherproof finishes so you can go anywhere

Made from weatherproof nylon, the Arkose is designed to support you on any exploration by keeping gear and belongings safe in weather you get caught in. The light interior also makes for easy discovery, even in low-visibility conditions.

Especially noteworthy are the Arkose’s durable YKK zips and reinforced straps, made for long-lasting wear and backed for life with quality you can trust.

4. Sustainable materials to keep your impact low

Urth was brought to life to create a lasting positive impact on the planet—and the Arkose lives up to that mission with 70% recycled materials, diverting resources away from landfill. Why not 100% recycled? Sustainability and durability go hand-in-hand which is why, for some materials, we’ve chosen their more durable counterparts. By using durable, non-recycled finishes like YKK zips, our backpack has been designed to last.

As is the case for all Urth products, five trees are planted for every Arkose sold, making it a favourite for conscious creators who care about where their money goes. Buying this sustainable backpack means funding communities to plant trees, offsetting your impact, and rejuvenating ecosystems.

Really great to use – it fits everything I need (and more).” – Cate

5. Ergonomic design to get you through long days

Last but not least, comfort. You wouldn’t know, but the Arkose’s straps and back have discrete yet comfortable padding. This has been designed to support you throughout the whole day while you’re on location or working on a creative project. 

Designed to be as lightweight on the planet as it is on your shoulders, you’ll hardly notice you’re wearing it until you need to access your essentials. That’s yet another handy feature: the Arkose’s low-profile silhouette won’t draw attention to your expensive gear.

Discover and shop the Arkose—our streamlined 20L backpack designed for daily carry of your photography, travel, and commuting gear.

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