Behind Urth’s Latest Campaign Video with Creative Director Minnie Piccardo

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A few months ago we launched a campaign video to introduce our new name Urth, and what it means for us as a brand. Urth’s Creative Director Minnie Piccardo shares the inspiration behind the campaign video, what the process looked like from start to finish and some highlights on set.

Words and Photography by Urth HQ

What message did you want to communicate with the video?

The main thing we wanted to get across was our why – why does Urth exist? We wanted to communicate that photography is a tool that allows us to appreciate the present moment and everything around us. It makes us stop and appreciate things around us.

When you have a camera in your hand, you are constantly looking for beauty, and you quickly realise it is everywhere. When we can appreciate the world around us, we feel connected to it. That is why we believe photography can deepen our connection with our environment and help inspire others to protect it for generations to come.

“We started by researching different ways to communicate our why.”

Which brands did you look to for inspiration?

For this particular video we took inspiration from Stella McCartney and her appreciation for the environment combined with an artistic point of view. This was an idea Grace, our magazine editor brought to our first brainstorm meeting, and it basically continued to be a reference until the end of this project!

We really like her artistic approach and loved how she used a combination of sounds, folly and elements instead of a melodic song to communicate a feeling. Big inspiration!

What did the process look like of taking the video from concept to final edits?

It was a massive project and of course the whole thing took (way) longer than expected haha. Together with the marketing team we started by doing some research on different ways to communicate our why, then we refined our concepts, got the script together and kicked off the execution! We got an amazing crew for this project and although it’s always hard when there’s heaps of people involved it was definitely worth it.

It was really fun working with Jessie Prince as the Director, she got the message and aesthetic from day one and guided us on putting everything together.

How many people worked on the video?

4 in pre production, 10 on set and 3 in post production.

Pre production:
Minnie Piccardo
(myself) as Creative Director, Jessie Prince worked on direction and storyboarding, and both Andy Summons and Christian Gibson worked on the script.

On set:
Jessie Prince was Directing, Stefan Jose was the director of photography, Coralie Tapper was the producer, Todd Clare was in charge of taking stills, Shane Crosland was the camera assistant, Silvia Magnani worked on choreography and body movement, Miranda Emblem did hair and makeup, Montel and TJ were the photographers/talent and I was doing the styling!

Post production:

Tim Nathan put the edit together, CJ Mirra composed the music and Amy Lou Wilson recorded the voice over.

Montel and TJ literally looked like a walking version of our moodboard.”

Were there any challenges you didn’t expect?

The most challenging part for me was the coordination of every single element and making sure everyone was running to schedule. One challenge that we faced was that because of previous delays, the video editor we originally hired couldn’t do the job anymore, so we had to find a new editor and this delayed things quite a bit. We were also very optimistic with deadlines and the truth is that everything always takes 50% longer than expected – as Andy Summons (our Marketing Manager) says.

What was your favourite part of making this video? Any cool moments or memories you’d like to share?

Aaah, this is a hard one! There were so many great parts about this project. The energy on set was magical, and it was a big day too! We woke up around 5.00am and spent all day running around and we got a lot of sun and wind on our faces. So it definitely felt good after getting that part done after so much planning and anticipation!

Another great part for me was seeing Montel and TJ on set. They literally looked like a walking version of our moodboard. So it was pretty satisfying.

Watch the full campaign video below and follow us on Instagram for more behind the scenes content. 

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