How We Designed The Best Leather Camera Strap Possible

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Lightweight, made to move, and effortlessly practical. The recycled leather Mantle Camera Strap is everything a photographer needs for comfortable wear and functional shoots — and nothing more.

Words and Photography by Urth HQ

To the untrained eye, a camera strap is just that. A simple yet effective cord to hold a photographer’s most precious equipment. And to the beginner photographer, it soon becomes very clear that a camera strap needs to be so much more than that. 

Many camera straps offer nothing more than the basic function of holding onto a camera. But these straps can quickly prove to be clunky, restrictive, and uncomfortable. They work against you instead of with you, and in the process, inhibit your creativity.

That’s why the Urth team set out to create the best leather camera strap possible. We worked with our ambassadors, and after a lengthy user testing process, we created one that’s comfortable, versatile and efficient. An extension of your creativity, our Mantle camera strap is made to move with you. 

“We wanted to design a camera strap that we would want to use. Something that was simple and functional to its core — and would look good with any outfit, no matter the occasion,” explained Co-founder Christian Gibson.

A leather camera strap to last a lifetime

The Mantle camera strap is designed to be the last camera strap you ever buy. 

That’s why it’s made from high-quality recycled leather, and comes with a lifetime warranty. As a full-grain leather, the Mantle Camera Strap is highly durable and can safely carry up to 80kg, far exceeding the weight of any professional camera. 

It’s made to last a lifetime, and to help create positive change during that lifetime. 

Built with comfort and use in mind

Many photographers know the pain of a rough camera strap, and the difficulty of one that slips and is clunky to handle.

The Mantle Camera Strap is built with comfort and use in mind so you’re free to flow and capture beautiful moments, in the moment. 

It’s padded to ensure comfortable wear hour after hour, no matter if it’s worn around the neck, across the body or on the shoulder. It is also backed with soft microfibre for added comfort against the skin and better grip for more confidence and control.

Finding the right material was a big part of the design process.”

Patented clip system to easily interchange cameras

Struck by sudden inspiration, or need to change gear frequently during a shoot? You need to be able to quickly and easily switch between cameras. 

Our patented quick-release pebble fasteners make changing cameras as easy as changing your focus. The clips are custom designed for changing cameras on the go, fusing durability, strength and simple functionality. 

And simply because it makes sense, each camera strap comes with two sets of pebble fasteners. This way, you can attach the fasteners to your favourite cameras and have them ready to go for quick swaps during your shoots. 

Sustainable materials plus a positive impact

The Mantle Camera Strap is made from high-quality leather offcuts, meaning they don’t add to material use, but rather make something new out of something discarded. “Finding the right material was a big part of the design process. Using virgin leather didn’t feel right to us. We were super excited to have found a conscious alternative that gives new life to leather offcuts without losing the elevated appeal,” explained Co-founder and Creative Director Minnie Piccardo.

Thanks to the leather material, the strap is also so strong and durable that it comes with a lifetime warranty. So if yours breaks, we will either fix it or replace it — but we’re confident it won’t. 

As part of the Urth vision of making a lasting positive impact, we not only reduce our footprint through conscious product design but take genuine steps to restore the environment. 

To do this, we plant five trees for every product sold. So while the creation of the Mantle Camera Strap creates 2.39kg of CO2, the act of planting five trees sequesters an average of 1,537.5kg of CO2. Overall, that’s a 610 times greater positive impact.

You can read more about our Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) report of the Mantle camera strap here.

Are leather camera straps comfortable?

Leather is supple and soft in its own right, but this camera strap is backed by microfibre cloth to add extra comfort for long days behind the lens. Additionally, a layer of padding ensures your comfort no matter where you wear it. 

“Strong and Stylish! – I’ve been so used to camera straps offered by other companies that cut into my neck or feel extremely flimsy when holding my camera. After purchasing the Urth Mantle Strap it’s fair to say this blows everything else out of the water. It’s padded around the neck section making it extremely comfortable, while the Dyneema and hardware are super robust. Not only this but it looks extremely stylish, great for when out on the streets taking shots.” – James T.

What is the best camera strap?

The best camera strap is the one that is practical, comfortable, durable and helps make a positive impact on the world. The Mantle ticks all those boxes, making it a simple and obvious choice for photographers of all levels.

Explore the features and benefits of the standard Mantle Camera Strap, or try the Mantle Camera Strap Long if you struggle with shorter straps.

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