How to Protect Your Camera Gear With Our Clever Camera Case

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“Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.” – Frank Lloyd Wright

Words and Photography by Urth HQ

Urth camera cases are the culmination of years of curiosity and experimentation—a journey to find that sacred harmony between utility, aesthetics, and sustainability.

We talked to other creators about their favourite camera bags and camera cases; what they loved and what they wished they had.


What we uncovered were four core needs:

1. Protection: to keep our most precious possessions safe

2. Accessibility: to always be prepared for those impromptu moments

3. Versatility: to have the freedom to take our gear anywhere

4. Conscious design: to make a positive impact on the world

Then we asked ourselves: how can we make something that meets all of these needs and is better than what’s already out there?

That’s how the Arkose Small Camera Insert and Norite Medium Camera Insert came to life. 

A camera case designed for everyday storage

Our camera cases have been thoughtfully crafted to keep your camera gear safe, whether at home, work, or stored in your backpack or luggage. 


When it comes to protecting camera equipment we identified some key must-have features: 

1. Customisable organisation: adjustable partitions make it easy to mix and match cameras and lenses or other essentials.

2. Modular design: both cases are small enough to fit into everyday backpacks, weekenders or luggage.

3. Recycled materials: the outer shell of the camera cases is made with recycled nylon, diverting resources from landfill and reducing our collective footprint.

4. Accessibility and control: a top-mounted grab handle and YKK zips at both ends allow for better organisation and quick access when you need it most.

5. Weatherproof build: to keep your gear secure and dry in any conditions.

6. Double elasticated store pockets: safely store your smalls for easy access when you need them.

7. Padded walls: added protection for your gear when you’re on the move.

Urth Norite Medium Camera Insert in the Norite 24L Backpack, shot by Dino Kužnik. 

“Really handy to have this camera bag for when I want to take my camera out and about. Saves time on organising everything.” – Robert

How do I store my camera gear in my bag?

Our camera cases can fit within your existing backpack to ensure your gear is always protected. The cases have been designed specifically to fit within our modular backpacks which transform from an everyday backpack into a discreet camera bag and back again. The lower compartment of the Arkose backpack perfectly fits our small camera insert, while the more spacious Norite backpack fits our medium camera insert. 

The Arkose backpack has a clever snap in half design, so you can unzip the lower compartment and slide in your camera insert when you need it, or easily remove it when you don’t. 

The Norite backpack features side access to each side of the medium camera insert, so you can grab your gear quickly and easily. Functional minimalism at its best.

“Blown away by this bag. The bag alone is epic, but having the ability to carry all my camera gear when I need is so good.” — Matt P

How many lenses and bodies can I store in each case?

Not sure which camera insert you need? Here’s a snapshot of each.

Arkose Small Camera Insert Norite Medium Camera Insert
Dimension 16cm (height) x 26cm (width) x 12cm (depth) 31cm (height) x 28cm (width) x 13cm (depth)
Volume 3.7L 11.3L
Holds 1 camera body and 2-3 lenses + space for batteries and memory cards 2 camera bodies and 3-5 lenses + space for batteries and memory cards
Fabric Weatherproof 600D recycled nylon Weatherproof 600D recycled nylon
Weight 250g 450g

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