Windhoek to Cape Town with Andy Summons

Photographer and writer Andy Summons took a dream trip through Africa's oldest desert with four good mates and a bag full of cameras. Along the way he worked out how to protect himself from lions, summited Africa's tallest sand dune, and survived a scenic flight in an antique plane with a baby-faced pilot.


Pyongyang and Back Again with Nicole Reed

Australian photographer Nicole Reed has an incredible eye for captivating travel photography and a deep passion for architectural photography. So when she was approached to collaborate on a photo book capturing the hotels of North Korea, she couldn’t believe it.


The Fish That Built Lofoten

Chris Mongeau realised a life long dream by visiting Norway's Lofoten Islands during peak fishing season. Shooting on his Leica M4 was a lesson in slowing down and opened his eyes to sea-forged traditions, and rekindled his love for experiencing different ways of life.


The Lifeblood of the Pacific Northwest

Have you ever wondered how salmon can affect the health of trees? Neither had we until Tom Wolff rode his bike from Anchorage, Alaska through the Pacific Northwest to Mexico’s south. Tom explains how a species we see as food is a crucial component of a thriving ecosystem.


Lanzarote to the Sahara — Searching For Frames in North Africa With Todd Clare

Todd Clare is a landscape photographer from Byron Bay Australia. His works are still, deep and as vivid as the lands they’re captured in. Dance through the desert and volcanic island with a visual essay accompanying Todd’s travel diaries