Faces of the Sea: A Coastal Playlist by Mandy Sham

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Travel photographer Mandy Sham shared with us the playlist she took on her most recent travels across the coastlines of the Mediterranean.

Words and Photography by Mandy Sham

Inspired by her trip through Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Cyprus, India, Sri Lanka and more, this is a compilation of songs Mandy Sham put together for walking along shorelines, promenades, and taking in the beauty of the coast.

This is the perfect playlist to put on when sun is setting, the air is salty, and you’re ready to wind down, and then up again for the evening.

See the photos Mandy took in Jordan, and treat your ears to previous editions of Urth Radio over here.

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Mandy Sham

Mandy Sham is a photographer, writer, and part-time explorer based in Toronto, Canada. She traverses the familiar and far-flung in search of people, everyday stories, and good breakfasts. Mandy shoots with Urth lens filters.

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