Five Photography Podcasts Worth Subscribing to

We run through our favourite five photography podcasts aimed to inspire and educate photographers.

Amanda Breakwell     |     UNITED KINGDOM


Podcasts are a great resource for the amateur or professional photographer alike. But, with so many options to choose from, how do you decide which are the best ones to subscribe to? Here are five photography podcasts that are useful, educational, inspiring, well produced and frequently updated. Check them out.



Photography Podcasts

The Art of Photography

With weekly releases of episodes relating to all things photography, this podcast from Ted Forbes receives consistently rave reviews from photographers of every level. Whether you fancy digesting snippets about photography composition, techniques, craft, history or profiles of top photographers, this podcast offers something for all genres of photography. As well as covering digital photography techniques, anyone interested in old-school photography will be pleased to know that Ted even gives mention to traditional photography methods in his podcast episodes.



Photography Podcasts

On Taking Pictures

Photographer pals Bill Wadman and Jeffery Saddoris team together for this weekly podcast that sheds a light on the art, science and philosophy of photography. For novices or pro photographers looking for a podcast that is somewhat deep and insightful, honest and occasionally controversial, this podcast scores top marks. Subscribers will revel in the wit and wisdom of the pair during their photography musings, offering intriguing insights into the challenges of being creative in photography.



Photography Podcasts

Tips from the Top Floor

As one of the oldest photography podcasts around, since 2005, and with a clutch of awards to its name, this podcast by Chris Marquardt has gained an army of followers over the years. What makes this podcast so popular is that the photography advice that Chris imparts is easily actionable, for both the amateur or the pro. His easy-going approach and infectious sense of humour make listening to these weekly episodes compulsive. I like the fact that if you’re short on time this podcast is ideal, covering photography topics, tips and tricks in handy 5-15 minute episodes.



Photography Podcasts

The Digital Story

Travel photographer Derrick Story, also known affectionately as the ‘Nimble Photographer’ offers great insight in his weekly podcasts on how to travel light when shooting and maintain a low-footprint. Derrick also knows a thing or two about camera gear, so if you’re looking for a podcast that offers a technical slant without intimating anyone with no tech knowledge, this one offers a user-friendly approach that lets you get gadget savvy and push the workings of your camera further. This podcast gets the thumbs up from me, as it’s got every photography angle covered; as well as tips and tricks, you can digest all the latest, topical stories.



Photography Podcasts

Martin Bailey Photography Podcast

If you want to glean photography wisdom from a trusted and respected source, you’ll find this podcast hard to beat, having been a weekly fixture since 2005. Voted as one of the 30 Most Influential Photographers of the Decade, Martin Bailey gives expert advice and opinions on the whole photography spectrum, including art, reviews, technical aspects, creativity and interviews. As a renowned nature and wildlife photographer, Martin’s unique travelogue style episodes are a must for those who shoot outdoors.


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