We’re Changing Names – What to Expect & Questions Answered

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Here’s everything you should know ahead of the name announcement on November 24th.

Words by Urth HQ

Exciting news! We’re changing names to better reflect what we’re working to protect. We refined our products and expanded our vision for the future, and along with that comes a new name. 

So, what’s our new name? We’ll announce this to everyone on November 24th via our social channels, the magazine and our website. If you want to be one of the first to find out what the new name is, join our mailing list via our homepage to be the first to know next Wednesday.

You might have some questions, so read on for more info about the rename. 

Why the name change?

Gobe started in the back of a van 5 years ago and we’ve done some growing up since then. Our new name better reflects what we’re working to protect and speaks to our greatest inspiration.

Any new products coming?

Absolutely. We have refined our current range and developed exciting new tools for creators. We will launch some new products with our new name and more before the end of the year.

Will my account info stay the same?

Yes, you will be able to log into your account with your existing login details.

Does the lifetime warranty carry over?

Yes it does. All warranties of Gobe products will be honoured. And our lifetime warranty will continue under our new name too.

Are there new owners?

No. The original founders, Chris and Christian, are still leading the same team. It’s a new name, not new management – there’s too much more we want to achieve! 

Will you still plant trees?

Definitely. We’re still planting five trees for every product sold and introducing even more ways to plant trees and help the planet.

Got more questions?

You can get in touch with us via our contact page if you have any other questions for us. (Except if you ask us what our new name is – you’ll need to wait until November 24th for that.)

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