Urth Radio #10

Welcome to Urth Radio #10 – Guest selected by Poppi Kuropatoff, Urth HQ resident shredder and owner of the most beautiful hair in the office.

Poppi’s disco dusted, dance-inducing and delicately deliberated over mix opens with Shocking Blue and their 1969 track Acka Raga. The Dutch rock outfit will suck you in and loosen your limbs, warming you up for the slow jam delight Do Not Quietly Unto Your Grave that follows from Morphine.

Pas Bon from Voilaaa and Fouley Badiaga raises the tempo to afro-french speed and despite the track’s title, it’s good, real good. Another Afro jam from Black Santiago melts into a solo delight from Fabienne DelSol on her French 60’s surf-soaked pop-rock I’m Going To Haunt You.

Jonathan Richman, Miracle Legion and Cymande all do what they do best, that is to say, they all contribute effortless, infectious cool.

I met Jarrod Quarrell aka Lost Animal on a Sunday afternoon at a Pisco and pool party at a wine bar in Melbourne years ago. He arrived with determined eyes and a beautiful two-piece pool cue cased with a rich mahogany box. He proceeded to whip my arse at pool, drinking a glass of red in between strikes with a smile curling from each corner of his mouth. His music is as strong as his pool game and Lose the Baby from his first album Ex Tropical is as intoxicating now as it was the first time I heard it.

The B’52’s, Nina Simone, Wiliam Onyeabor and more bounce you from groove to groove landing you somewhere in Reality, Detroit with Black Merda. The Dirtbombs & Patrick Cowley carry everything through to another dose of Morphine in You Speak My Language, the final flutter.

A Urth Radio playlist as suitable for a wave hunting road trip as it is for a BBQ jam. It also serves perfectly as a soundtrack to reading Poppi’s adventure journal from his unexpected Sri Lankan holiday which you can find right here.




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