• Urth Radio 13

Urth Radio #13

An assembly of sound from the Aotearoa.

In terms of some of the world most photogenic lands, New Zealand is likely hovering at the top of any list worth reading. If you like being outside, and you enjoy incredible landscapes and visual stimulation, you’re probably going to have a superb time romping around New Zealand. And despite how popular it has become for outdoor photographers and tag happy Instagrammers in recent years, there’s still pretty much no-one there.

Another thing New Zealand is quite talented at producing is musicians. You’ve probably all heard of Crowded House and the Finn family, maybe even The Clean and if you ever watched Rage in the nineties, you would have ridden along in the 1968 Chevy Impala with the Otara Millionaires Club. (Did you know How Bizarre hit number one in the US, making OMC the first New Zealand artist to reach the number one on a Billboard chart, choice.)

There’s no shortage of juicy musical goodness to be found in the musical archives of New Zealand. Dunedin alone was a burgeoning city for post-punk indie bands and championed early on by the highly influential, always independent Flying Nun Records. The Chills, The Clean, Able Tasmans, The Bats and so many more who wear all amazing in their own right and amplifiers of the Dunedin sound.

Pepper this kettlish mix of Indie post-punk pop-rock with some weird and wonderful prose from the talented Conan Moccasin, infectious delights form Unknown IMmortal Orchestra and a handful of other additions from the cloudy islands, for just a taste of NZ sounds.  Get to know just a few of the bands from the Aotearoa whilst you’re driving your purple and green Jucy van on the empty roads from one epic wonderland to another.

Please enjoy Urth Radio #13 — An assembly of sound from the Aotearoa.



Length: 1:47
Cover: Salty the dog, on the ferry heading to Kawau Island.


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