Urth Radio #16

Urth Radio #16: A collection of the very best sounds overheard reverberating around Urth HQ this week.


This month has been very kind to the collective auditory system in the Urth office. A sultry swag of newly released albums has ensured the morale has been high.

Kurt is back at it again with another meandering collection of tracks as soft and enticing as a bumblebees bum. St Vincent is as powerful as can be in her effortless way on MassEducation, a slow dance on the piano recorded live as a rework of her last album MASSEDUCATION. 

Connan Mockasin is still as talented and weird as ever and I’m thankful for both in equal measure. The Kiwi-born city hopping current resident of Tokyo recorded Jassbusters in Paris as a soundtrack for the five-part melodrama Bostyn n’ Dobsyn. Sometimes hard to understand, Conan subtlety slays all six strings and even if I can’t always understand what’s being said I always enjoy not understanding.

A special shout out to Parcels, once locals of the same town as Urth HQ and now Berlin-based, for releasing their fervidly anticipated self -titled debut album. Parcels met at high school in Byron Bay and kept making dreamy, disco-topped electro-pop through their German transition and their uplifting, chillwave sound is finally out on LP. It’s one of the best things to come out of pop this year and it makes me feel like I did listening to Daft Punk in 2005, this is a very good thing. The cover art for the album and singles is extraordinarily good, shot on film, aboard a private plane, by the one and only Max D’Orsogna. Any band supporting the creative frame and logistics of an album shoot like this gets my two thumbs up.

Robyn is back with her first solo release in eight years, Honey. Robyn gives me faith that pop music can still be consumed liberally and wholeheartedly enjoyed loudly and emotionally. It’s the other best thing to come out of pop music this year for me. It’s the music I would want to be listening on the Sunday after the daft punk concert in 2005, except I want to listen to now, all weekend. Breakup with and

Peppered and padded with old favourites forever on regular rotation this a playlist beginning with a guitar and finishing with a drum machine. Warm up with Kurt and melt away Robyn.


Enjoy Urth Radio #16 – Curated by us, for you.




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