• Urth Radio 18

Urth Radio #18 – Global Disco Delivery

Welcome to Urth Radio #18: A global disco delivery of the unofficial language of the weekend, the soundtrack to the shuffle. The beat for the boogie. Disco is for good times only.

Shimmering out at around 2 beats a second from nightclubs all around the world, disco is a universal anthem for the boogie. Championed by minorities, loved by outsiders and consumed with delight all over. A global pseudonym for good vibes, from New York to Nigeria, a night swimming in cosmic Italo and a pop-stop in Prague on the way.

Disco is for dancing. This is not a playlist to write a dissertation to, but hey if that works for you, also cool. The nightclubs where disco was born are riddled with stories of utter excess and copious lashing of fun.

At Studio 54 Bianca Jagger mounted a white horse led by a nude couple in shimmering paint (n.b Nightclubs are not nice places for horses, the animal ones.)

Meanwhile, across the sea Daniele Baldelli was defining Cosmic Disco mixing Brazilian batucada records with Kraftwerk and playing Fela Kouti over his synth, all the while deejaying from inside an enormous astronauts’ helmet in the Italian club with no chairs, Cosmic.

One sore loser hated disco music so much he dedicated his weekly radio show and a baseball vinyl burning party to anti-disco. Pity the fool. Unquestionably there was an array of terrible, commercial disco pop that can happily stay right where it was made, but dig a little deeper into the crate and there’s a whole wide world of sparkling gold.

Kiki Gyan, Donna Summer, Pat Thomas, Lijadu Sisters, The Pointer Sisters, Sylvester, Grace Jones and a sweaty and brilliant cover of “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” from Turkish queen, Senay.

This is an extended Urth Radio, sitting down at just under four hours. It’s a little taste of a wide variety of disco deserts.

Please enjoy liberally, Urth Radio #18 A global disco delivery.



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