Urth Radio #19

Welcome to Urth Radio #19 – A warm welcome to the new dawns of 2019.

“How’s it goin?”

There can’t be many a sweeter voice than Kurt Vile’s to welcome you into the new dawn and set your mind on rollin’ with the flow for the year ahead.

It’s morning listening, you’re sat at the kitchen table watching the world slowly spin up for the day, your ears are still waking. Kurt passes the lighter onto Kevin and The Sun City Girls, who maintain calm waters for the U.S Girls and Cass Mccombs who follow the chill with golden sounds.

Mac Demarco stops by for a coffee, he sits down and gently rolls his cover of Haruomi Hosono – Honey Moon. He’s singing in Japanese and you’re looking at this uniquely beautiful gap-toothed man a little confused but mostly mesmerised.

Years before you were at an after party for a Mac Demarco gig once, at an old convent. It was a warm night and Mac bounced over to you in his trademark dungarees. He had a shopping bag tied around his neck, he reached in and pulled out a tailor-made cigarette and offered it to you, you accept and puff away. It’s not a Viceroy, but tasty all the same, you wonder what Mac thinks about single-use plastic… Before you can ask him how the conversation went with Haruomi Hosono about Chamber of Reflection, or if there was even a conversation, he is gone. Floating off to offer sacramental cigarettes to other adoring fans dotted about the convent.

You fall back to reality and Mac has finished his cover of Honey Moon, he takes a final sip of coffee and winks goodbye and takes his guitar with him, out the door and into the new year. You’re confused but content.

There’s more music too, but I took up all my words with the Demarco story, it’s all very good music though and the dial remains set on chill. Set yourself down and take one hour and eleven minutes to ponder how much fun this year is going to be.

Wherever you were watching the sun creep up onto 2019, we hope you thoroughly enjoyed the early morning welcome. Ready for another year’s worth of photo adventures, chasing light around the world always looking for that next frame of delight.



N.B The Mac Demarco story is re-told through hazy memories, may not be completely true and is absolutely unconfirmable. Also, smoking is bad. xx


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