Urth Radio #21 – Another day in Radio Paradiso

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Welcome To Urth Radio #21 – Another day in Radio Paradiso

These are the fantastic videos from five new(ish) singles we’ve been playing on repeat this week and the playlist they inspired. As always it’s a mix across the world, enjoy the ride.

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Aldous Harding – The Barrel

Mesmerising is the best word I can find to describe Aldous. Utterly strange, but not at all gimmicky. A self-proclaimed obsessive when it comes to her performances, Aldous hasn’t slowed a beat on her new single “The Barrel” A melting, enchanting voice rolling from a captivating canvas of limitless expressions and a clip just as divinely odd.

Mac Demarco – All of Our Yesterdays

I’ve got a soft spot for Mac Demarco, he makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, like a sunny Sunday on the couch when you’ve ticked off all your to do’s and you get to stay on that couch, read a book and drink some coffee. He also reminds me of cigarettes, which I recently broke up with, and that also makes me happy. Thanks Mac.

FALANA – Repeat

The latest single “Repeat” from upcoming EP ‘Chapter One’ from Falana is melodic and works its way deep into your bones and settles there. The video directed by Hanna Raschl-McRonald is a masterpiece of grace and style composed from old footage and spliced with the effortless style and hypnotising movement of the Canadian Nigerian singer. Get to know this incredible talent before she takes over.

Kirin J. Callinan – The Whole of The Moon

Callinan is back. The boy from the Northern Beaches of Sydney returns with his first new music since 2017 giving his rendition of The Waterboy’s classic ‘80s anthem, “The Whole of The Moon”. Whether you love/hate/other Kirin, he is undeniably good at acting the part of himself, a part I can’t define and a part of the charm.

Mdou Moctar – Tarhatazed

This charming young man from the desert town of Agadez continues to blow me away. “Tarhatazed” is a charging single from the new release, “Ilana The Creator”. I’ve been telling any nearby ear that will listen about magical Mdou and the enchanting pentatonic poetry he has been making and he’s done nothing but increasingly impress since day one.  Whilst you’re ears are bleeding happiness mid riff, take a moment to think about the fact that Mdou plays without a pick and only plucks with his index finger. Love you Mdou.

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