What We Listened to This Week #5

Welcome to Urth Radio #5 – Édition: La Fête de la Musique.

Back in 1982 there was a study undertaken in France that determined that five million people or one of every two children in France, played a musical instrument. The then French Minister for Culture, Jack Lang, and his mate Maurice Fleuret thought this was utterly superbe and concocted a plan to bring the music to the streets. That’s how Fête de la Musique, aka Make Music Day, aka World Music Day was born. A day of organised and free concerts, where all performers play for free. As well as free soirees all over town,  everyone is encouraged to play and perform music outside and in the streets.

It all started in Paris sometime in 1992, but World Music Day is now celebrated in over 700 cities across the world on June 21st, making it a true celebration of world music. Urth HQ put forward their favourite tracks from all corners of our musical planet and we came up with our soundtrack to La Fête de la Musique.

Travelling the globe as a photographer is a fantastic way to experience the music of other cultures and definitely one of our favourite journey tales here at Urth. Imagine you’re at a wedding with a Turkish pysch disco band, pretend you’re under a palm in the desert with Tinariwen, dance like you’re at a 1986 Omega Tribe concert in Shinjuku.

So wherever you are this week for Music Day, we hope you enjoy Urth Radio Edition #5 and that it whisks you off to another land and you fall in love with an instrument you have never heard of accompanied by a language that’s new to your ears.



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