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Urth Gold: Another Mixed Bag of Our Favourite Short Films

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Urth Short Film Gold delivers a choice cut of the finest mini cine we’ve been watching recently.

A packaged parcel of the favourite shorts we saw this week. A look at what it takes to be one of the worlds best ski photographers, whilst colourblind, a returned serviceman who spent fifteen years filming the Grizzly bears of Yellowstone to the new creepy short from Stranger Things staff writer, Kate Trefry. Enjoy Urth Short Film Gold.

Doug Peacock finds solace in Grizzly territory after serving in Vietnam. One day after returning from service wandering deep in the Wyoming and Montana wilderness, Doug had a tense chat with an eight-foot cuddly bear and walked away changed forever. He spent the next fifteen years exploring solitarily, observing and filming his new housemates on 16mm film.

Scans from old Doug’s original footage shows a brown Grizzly rolling around at the water’s edge, not unlike a cat in the dust, showing Doug had embedded himself in their territory like a LLRP with only a camera. The 16mm footage is cut with sweeping (drone?) aerial shots as Doug talks about how he mostly ventured to spots you could reach in a week, noting sometimes he would be carrying 100 pounds of camera gear!

Grizzly Country is a beautifully shot short offering a glimpse into Doug’s journey that led him to work towards his ultimate goal, saving the habitat of the Yellowstone Grizzly Bear.

So you want to be a world class, award-winning ski photographer but you don’t really know how to use a camera and you’re colour blind, not a problem chap. If Oskar Enander can, maybe, just maybe,  you can too.

Frank Pickell takes you through a day in the life and hometown of Oskar in Engelberg, Switzerland. A master of composition and setting up that frame amongst the millions of moments. At the same time being aware of the power of the mountain and the risks involved in shooting on these lands. A wonderful dance between athlete and photographer.

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    Christian Heller & Kris Lüdi

Soft is an audiovisual translation of the “sense of feeling things”

Another snow adventure edit from Christian Haller & Kris Lüdi. You might think I like the snow now, I don’t, it’s far too cold for me, but, this edit sucked me in real hard. A handful of non-traditional filmmaking techniques, from square format to mobile phone vertical and a bunch in between, it is a sequence of beautiful, graceful chaos.

The sublime night footage is enchanting and a seamless marriage of audio and visual. It also looks ridiculously fun.

Nils Frahm, Peaches, Aphex Twin, Rival Consoles and Jacqueline Taïeb on the audio was enough of a hook for me really. An elegant example of how to edit compiled footage. A good time fun time somewhere in Japan.

Whilst you’re waiting a seeming eternity for Stranger Things Season III, watch this spooky little short about the hysteria that creeps up when you’re alone.

The production is slick, the cinematography is neat and it’s smooth sailing into creepsville. Perfect. Dreamy work from Stranger Things staff writer Kate Trefry.

The only, minor, haggle from me is the digital SLR placed nonchalantly on the digi desk in the studio surrounded by loose and sleeved 35mm negatives. It’s the little things…

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