• Isabel Sasse Poem Byron Bay

A Tender Love Letter to Byron Bay

A gentle reminder to submerge yourself in the ocean as much as you can.

Isabel Sasse     |     AUSTRALIA


Graceful Duality

by Isabel Sasse


For all that we know, and all that we do not know. I dip my fingers into stilled silence and divorce false gods. Slipping beneath the surface to emerge in fullness. Touch has memory, and I ripple through lifetimes upon lifetimes.

There is a presence in this land, in our home, which inflames divinity. It burns everything we are not, turns our bones into dust until we are reduced to nothing but ashes. From those ashes we rise. In a tender rebirth. Time and time again. I watch the waves breathe, get drunk off salt and whisper all the love I have in my voice upon the sand. To where the ocean is fed, the moon is bathed and I live off liquid light as dawn washes over me softly. I carry skin in skin, acknowledging the hurt and the power of unity as I am broken open. Silhouetted shivers trickle down my spine. Earth and sky exchange infinity while the sun bleeds a silent devotion of morning gold. Snaking together to devour humanness.

Stepping out to where all is now and not yet. In vivid excess. Stretched between two points where the mind inhabits full spectrum clarity. Stay close to this baptism of solitude. If you find yourself stripped to flesh from everything you once were, hearing only the sound of the earth turning with language. All the doors and walls and floors and barricades crumbling down. Do not raise your voice. Do not stay hidden. Remain soft in the heat of your flames. All you adore will turn to smoke, and meet you again. Here. When the time is right. A graceful duality found.

I am just as I am. Flesh and bone and whole.

Taken, from everything that takes away from me.


Isabel Sasse Poem Byron Bay

Isabel Sasse Poem Byron Bay

Isabel Sasse Poem Byron Bay

Isabel Sasse Poem Byron Bay



Isabel Sasse

@isabelsasse  |  isabelmariesasse.org

Byron Bay, Australia


In your own words, what do you do?

Capturing & translating visions through light.


What are you working on right now?

Infinite things & finding the equilibrium within all those things. Shooting a series where sky and sea converse, and spending the rest of my waking hours immersed in pottery with clay all over every limb. Being multifaceted in all art forms and not limiting myself to one singular form of creation. 


Name three sources of inspiration:

Adoration & Nature. Recalibrating in the quietude within.