Twelve Frames with Lora Ward

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Local creative Lora Ward takes the latest roll of film for the Twelve Frames series on a stroll through the streets of Japan.

Words and Photography by Lora Ward

In your own words, what do you do?

I am a past employee of Urth (now I sell books)

What are you working on right now?

The Good Publishings book stand at Bayou Film

When did you shoot the roll?

May 2019

Where did you shoot the roll?

Multiple locations, Japan (I cheated and attempted to take across two rolls of film. Murphy’s law, the second roll was blank)

No. 1

Take a frame at first light

(Maybe also last light)

No. 2

Shoot your favourite tree

Urban (farming)

No. 3

Take a self-portrait outside

Me (in a past-life)

No. 4

Shoot a space you feel creative in

Sharing bunk beds (with lovers)

No. 5

Shoot the weather

Nice day (drunk)

No. 6

Photograph someone you love

Kanpai (the culprit)

No. 7

Shoot a stranger

She ran a vegan restaurant (named Megumi)

No. 8

Shoot your backyard

In the street (also on the street)

No. 9

Shoot the contents of your bag

I had an onigiri (I ate it)

No. 10

Shoot something that makes you happy

Times (three)

No. 11

Take a frame at last light

(Maybe also first light)

No. 12

Shoot yourself before bed

Good night lazy (eye)

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