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New Zealand: A Photographer’s Utopia.

A chat with Urth Ambassador Matt Cherubino about his most recent photography trip to New Zealand.

Matt Cherubino     |     AUSTRALIA



What made you want to go to New Zealand?

Clearly, I can’t seem to get enough of my time across the ditch. Being my sixth visit to New Zealand, I wanted to solely focus on reaching locations often inaccessible to most or far away from the classics. This included two overnight Heli drop offs and multiple human powered accents. What drew me back and seems to always, is the idea of getting a new perspective.


New Zealand Helicopter


What makes it such a good place for photography?

New Zealand has it all when it comes to land, sea and snow. Being so close to home it’s hard to shake off a 3-hour plane ride in exchange for days of travel. Visiting NZ at different times of year offers a whole new set of possibilities photographically and otherwise, each trip being a different roll of the dice.


New Zealand Mountain


What’s your favourite shot from the trip? And why?

It’s not necessarily a favourite image, however, I think this image depicts my vision of the trip and an insight into new possibilities for later expeditions.


New Zealand Photography


Any particular tips for photographers heading to New Zealand?

Think outside the box, and avoid dipping into the standard NZ image catalogue! Embracing opportunities as they come forward seems to be the way to go.


New Zealand Mountain


Where has it inspired you to go next?

Back to NZ of course! I can never seem to get enough. There’s always something left behind or room to take it to the next level. I guess that’s what makes it so rewarding.


Camping New Zealand

New Zealand Photography

New Zealand Adventure

New Zealand River


More about Matt Cherubino

Matt’s photos transport you, heart and soul, into his adventures. His hunger to experience the world with intense wild abandon sets him on a collision course with places of wonder and beauty. A willingness to abandon the frequented for the unpredictable brings about images of ingenuous originality.

Matt shoots with Urth memory cards and Urth lens filters.






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