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9 Photographers You Should be Following on Instagram

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A self-portrait chameleon, an arctic addict, sandy desert dwellers and our other favourite photographers you should be following on Instagram. The standouts among the billions of images in our feeds, this is a collection of creative geniuses worth your attention.

Ragnar Axelsson has been prolifically photographing the Arctic and its inhabitants for over three decades, so it’s safe to say it’s with a trained eye that Ragnar makes his captures. A monochromatic page presents a sincere dedication to the crisp and rugged lands, animals and people of Greenland, Iceland and the rest of the north. Poetic and articulate, Ragnar is a poetic storyteller through photographs matched with equally intriguing captions.


Yumna Al-Arashi is one of my favourite contemporary thinkers and photographers. Photographs that ask as many questions as messages they hold. Photographs of Yemen that instil the desire to explore, learn and get lost in rolling lands. Dispersed with self-portraits and insight into the creator behind the work, Yumna is a must follow.


Chiara Zonca takes photographs of those moments when the light seems to play a trick on you and momentarily transforms the landscape in front of your eyes. When I imagine Chiara taking a photograph, I imagine her perched on a rock, comfortable, silently watching the dust kick up in the wind and settle down, the sun crawl across the big blue, a few hours pass, then boom! Chiara snaps a couple of frames and it’s off to the next rock. Sounds boring? Wrong, it’s magnificent and even though I have never met Chiara and that story was a complete fabrication, her patience in perching on rocks pays off tenfold as seen in her luminous and intriguing landscapes. See for yourself.

Yagazie Emezi is a documentary picture taker and photo maker from Lagos in Nigeria. A feed as vibrant, pulsing and intriguing as Lagos, a cultural insight into people and place. Photographing subjects that are proud, real and telling important stories that need to be told has led to commissions for most of the news publications worth reading.

Yosigo Yosigo makes me smile. A bright and beaming ray of deep and saturated tones, glowing out from Basque country. Barcelona and Basque country were some of the first lands I wandered through outside of where I grew up. It was enchanting then and the imagery from Yosigo puts me right back there, eyeballs feasting on pleasing architecture wrapped warmly in the late afternoon sun.


Ana Cuba is a self-described photographer of women, men, kids, supermodels, celebrities, civilians, nudes, landscapes, still life, interiors, animals, food & flowers; And she photographs all of them, superbly. Gracias Ana.

Luca Tombolini is a long time landscape snapping Urth favourite and continues to deliver the very best ice-cream dream desert scenes. Luca packs a large format set-up and some snacks into the car and disappears into the sand or ice for sometimes months at a time. The resulting drum scanned large format negatives present otherworldy captures of rugged landscapes played out in a pastel Pantone wet dream. Luca explores consciousness, time and the thought that moments of primordial desert imagery captured could have existed so, forever.

Chris Smith was too scared to ask others to pose for his photographs, so he created the ideas in his mind through a series of self-portraits. Visually inspired by cult horror movies and television, Chris transforms into a myriad of characters, each one executed with meticulous detail and delivered in a heady, electrifying fashion. An exploration of sexuality, identity, creative expression and more in the best bedroom selfies getting around on the gram.

Tom Hawkins rides motorbikes, surfs, and takes photos and stuff. He seems to live in a perpetual good time holiday time always somewhere next to the sea. I have no doubt he works his butt off to make it seem so and that’s very admirable. Follow Tom for tomfoolery, dreamy ocean scenes and witty quipped captions.

Hopefully there is something for you amongst our favourite photographers you should be following on Instagram, get in touch and let us know if you think there is anybody we should be following.

FEATURE IMAGE — @yumnaaa

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