Photography Gear for Capturing the Feeling of Summer

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Every season has its own colour palette, from the bright whites and dim skies of winter to the brilliant blues and warm hues of summertime. Seasons also have their own ‘feel,’ and this summer we’re collecting gear that captures the unmistakable liveliness of summer.

Words by John Montesi

Photography by Justin McLean

1. Film Emulsions

Whether you’re shooting film or emulating its look with brilliant presets from Mastin Labs or VSCO, there are some emulsions that scream summertime. Fuji Velvia’s intensely saturated colours make the waters, foliage, and sunsets of summer burst out of the frame. Kodak Gold has a simple, nostalgic look that reminds us of childhood photos, with a warm tint that makes everything look like a throwback to the good old days.

“Faded, grainy photos will always evoke nostalgia.”

2. Vintage Cameras and Lenses

Faded, grainy photos will always evoke nostalgia. Shooting with vintage film cameras or even a Super 8 film video camera is sure to create unpredictable, nostalgic results, simply because the gear is old! For the dedicated DSLR or digital mirrorless shooter who wants to bring some vintage vibes to their modern workflow, adapting vintage lenses to modern camera bodies with lens adapters is a great way to create soft focus, odd lens flares, and faded images that bring a playful, timeless feel to photos taken on digital gear.

3. Circular Polarising (CPL) Filters

CPL Filters cut reflections from the water and make colours appear deeper and richer. Nothing says summertime quite like a picture of the ocean or a dog splashing into the lake. Combined with the deep, vivid greens, yellows, and blues that CPL filters accentuate, this is an easy tool to add some summery richness to your images, straight-out-of-camera.

“Adapting vintage lenses to modern camera bodies is a great way to create soft focus, odd lens flares, and faded images.”

4. Neutral Density (ND) Filters

ND Filters allow you to reduce the amount of light reaching your camera’s sensor, which means you can shoot wider apertures or slower shutter speeds even in direct sunlight. The focus falloff of a wide-open lens or the motion blur of a subject frolicking in the water underneath bright sunlight can lend a spirited, vibrant feel to your summertime photos.

“Kodak Gold has a simple, nostalgic look that reminds us of childhood photos.”

5. Summery Subjects

Ultimately, the most summery part of your photos will be the subjects. Bringing warm hues and faded vibes to familiar summer scenes will make the story more powerful and visceral. Seek out beach umbrellas, brilliant natural colours, and bodies of water. Then experiment with filters, lenses, and colour palettes to put your own unique spin on the warmest, most intoxicating season.

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