Photography Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

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We did the hard listening for you and sorted through the neverending maze of the internet “content” to find the very best photography podcasts you should be listening to right now.

Words by Maxwell Finch

Knowledge and inspiration are arguably the two biggest contributors to improving your photography, aside from actually, you know, taking photographs.

We picked our favourite photography podcasts and trust they will both educate and inspire you, hopefully, to take more photos. So basically, follow these steps and you will become a better photographer. Just like that. Don’t forget about us when you’re on assignment for National Geographic in Antartica now.

Time to take your ears on a date with these photography podcasts you should be listening to.

A Small VoiceA Small Voice episode 087. Image by Jillian Edelstein

“Photography is a small voice, at best, but sometimes one photograph, or a group of them, can lure our sense of awareness”


A small voice is a podcast from photographer Ben Smith. Smith has conversations with photographers both firmly established and those who are breaking waves for the first time. This range spans across the likes of Martin Parr, Lydia Goldblatt and Bruce Gilden.

Urth recommends the recent episode #87 with Jillian Edelstein.

Image taken with The Film Photography Project 35mm Color Svema 125 Film

The team behind The Film Photography Project are an eclectic bunch of humans and it might take a little bit of getting used to their brand of conversation, but it’s worth it. They cover film photography in all forms from film production, to analogue Kickstarters, self-developing, interviews with other photographers and much much more.  TFPP also run an online shop out of New Jersey where they sell everything from obscure hand rolled film and darkroom accessories to Kodak lapel pins.

KodakeryImage by Parker Hill

No points for guessing this is a podcast produced by Kodak. It stands out from this list as it focuses on more than still image photography and includes interviews with film directors, cinematographers, screenwriters producers and much more. Naturally, there are plenty of episodes focused on emulsive photography and cinema with everything from 8mm to 65mm Panavision being explained. The Kodakery is cleanly produced, new content delivered weekly and is varied enough to hook you as a regular listener.

Urth recommends Episode #99 with filmmaker Parker Hill

IbarionexSabrina and Katrina, from the series Am I What You’re Looking For? © Endia Beal

Beginning thirteen years ago in February 2006 by photographer Ibarionex Perello, The Candid Frame is one the longest running podcasts out there. The podcast is a mix of interviews and features with an overwhelming emphasis on explaining and uncovering different tools to improve and diversify your photography. With 25 years of industry experience in teaching and exploring all aspects of photography, The Candid Frame is sure to be of interest to any keen photographer.

Urth recommends recent Episode #447 with Endia Beal

Magic HourMagic Hour episode #3. Image by Jordan Weitzman

Beginning in 2016, Jordan Weitzman’s Magic Hour is a collection of conversations with photographers and other brilliant humans involved in the medium of photo making. A gentle and inquisitive tone coming from a clearly intelligent and well-researched mind has seen Jordan host a number of poignant conversations during Magic Hour. Every episode is an exploration of the creative mind and an interesting walk in the life of. Go on, have a listen to every photographer’s favourite with Jordan, it’s a nice time.

Urth recommends Episode #3 with the photographer, author and publishing extraordinaire, Jordan Fulford.

Image by Nate Matos

You might know Matt Day from his YouTube channel, but if YouTube isn’t your jam, or you’re looking for a road trip companion, Matt also delivered a podcast for two years. Every edition is an interview with photographers and Matt quizzed them on their practice and processes, digging a little deeper into the life of these image-making creatives.

All episodes have been archived and are still well worth listening to today. Listen in on conversations with creative legends including Jason Lee, Garrett Remy, Nate Matos, and Ray Barbee.

Another two podcasts that are not currently being recorded, but still absolutely worth your listening time are these two gems:

The Halftone with Eric Marth

 The LPV Show with Bryan Formhals

With a focus on photobooks and the photographers behind them. An inspiration for self-publication and an instant favourite for the print fans out there.

We’re confident there’s something in there for all walks of photographer and even more confident one of these many conversations will serve as an inspiration to get out their, make your own photogrpahs and have a better understanding along the way.

COVER IMAGE — Parker Hill

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