Our Most Read Photography Stories of 2020

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2020 has tested our creativity in ways we couldn’t have imagined. But it’s also made way for some incredible stories. We hope our most read stories of the year give you a dose of inspiration from thought-leaders in the photography space.

Words by Urth HQ

10. Sushavan Nandy Photographs Climate-Induced Flooding on India’s Islands

When photographer Sushavan Nandy first visited India’s Sundarbans region, where entire islands are disappearing, he found that many people in the area were unaware of terms like “sea-level rise” and “climate change”. What they were sure of is that the pain of losing your home isn’t limited to the physical destruction of the roof over your head. It goes much deeper. Read it here.

9. The Three Best Medium Format Film Cameras

Thinking about buying a medium format film camera? In this article, British editorial and documentary photographer, Richard Beaven and Australian photographer, Thomas Brown share their photographs and insights on the best medium format film cameras out there. Read it here.

8. How to Take Better Photos on Your Phone with Leandro Colantoni

Leandro Colantoni has mastered the art of phone photography. His evocative snapshots of Sicily, taken for his latest photo series Ultimo Paesaggio Siciliano, have a closeness to them that make you feel like you’re standing right next to him. Here he shares his methodology for taking a great photo on a phone. Read it here. 

Shot by Robin Hinsch on a Leica M10.

7. Robin Hinsch Photographs One of the Most Polluted Regions in the World

Oil and gas are Nigeria’s largest export by a massive margin, but they come with a huge environmental price. Robin Hinsch travelled to the south of the country, which has been blackened by corporate greed and corruption for the last 60 years, revealing what the world’s reliance on pollutants looks like up close. Read it here. 

By Jonathan Higbee.

6. Photos of Strangers: 2 Street Photographers on Whether You Need Permission

Do I need a release form? Will I be sued for using this image? Is this illegal? It’s the thought bubble with a bold question mark that follows every photo of a stranger. Hear from Jesse Marlow and Jonathan Higbee, two of the best in stranger street portraits, on how they approach consent from their subjects. Read it here. 

5. Alternatives to Instagram and Pinterest for Visual Inspiration

When it comes to finding photographic inspiration, Instagram and Pinterest have plenty to offer. However, due to a combination of repetitive algorithm issues and creative affirmation loops, a lot of what’s available seems far too similar. If you’re hoping to find new ways to spark your imagination, it may be time to look elsewhere. Read it here. 

4. The 5 Best Cameras for Filmmaking on a Budget

Phone cameras shoot slow-motion and 4K now, professional video cameras are going for less than $2000 and thousands of people are vlogging every day. But with so many options on the market, it’s hard to know where to start. From a filmmaker who has tried and tested dozens of cameras, here are his picks. Read it here. 

3. Trent Mitchell Captures Our Primal Connection to the Sea

Saltwater cures everything. “I need a dip in the sea,” we often say, self-prescribing the substance because we believe it holds healing power. Trent Mitchell sits down in his Gold Coast studio to discuss how underwater portraits in his latest body of work Inner Atlas convey a supernatural relationship between humans and the ocean. Read it here.

'Pictures From Home' by Larry Sultan.

2. Photography Projects & Ideas to Pursue From Home

As the world enters a new reality of closed doors, bridges and runways, those wielding cameras are left wondering how we’ll expend our photographic energy if we’re not allowed outside. No more street photography. No more landscapes. No more pictures of people. No more pictures. No.  Though opportunities to pursue these photographic forms may be limited in the coming months, let’s observe how this pandemic forces our creative hand by challenging ourselves to make pictures at home. Read it here. 

1. The 5 Best Film Cameras for Beginners

If you’re new to the world of film photography, it can be tricky deciding which camera is best for you. We sat down with film camera specialists Janie and Freddie of Sydney-based Beginning Film to learn which cameras are best for beginners, where to find them and how to get started on your film journey. Read it here. 

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