Sara Meinz’s Photos Capture the Quiet Resilience of Nature

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Sara Meniz’s mindful approach to photography shines in her work. Her photos examine the simultaneous resilience and fragility of nature in a manmade landscape, and invite viewers to do the same.

Words and Photography by Sara Meinz

Nature is a recurrent theme in my personal work. For the last few years, I have been capturing snapshots of the relationship we humans have with the landscape and how we shape it. Nature’s resilience is what I look for the most. I love seeing how plants grow almost anywhere, and with almost nothing. I observe its response to constant changes, how it comes back stronger and makes itself noticed. Even when we are not taking enough care of it, it is taking care of itself. It’s quite fascinating as well as inspiring. We can all take a few lessons from that. 

In my pictures I look for contradictions and messages hidden in the mundane. Photography has taught me to eliminate the noise, and the surroundings, to see things from another perspective and tell a whole other story. It’s really addictive. 

When I press the right button of the camera I’m not always aware of what I’m looking at or what triggered my desire to take the shot. Most of the time it’s not until I go back to review the photos weeks later that I get a better understanding of what my eyes were seeing but my mind missed. In this way, through photographs, I’m getting to know myself retrospectively.

We have taken nature for granted for too long, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to find the middle point between benefiting from its resources and repairing the damages that have been already made. That’s what I try to show with my personal work, and I hope my pictures can help build consciousness on the matter.

“I love seeing how plants grow almost anywhere, and with almost nothing.”

“I look for contradictions and messages hidden in the mundane.”

“Photography has taught me to eliminate the noise.”

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Sara Meinz

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