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SD Card Comparison: Still Don’t Know Which one to Pick?

Learn about the differences between memory cards and which one suits your needs.

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There are a lot of good SD Cards in the market these days. But how to know which brand to pick? We did this graph showing facts and business values so you can make your own conclusion..


Why choose Urth Memory Cards?

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The Importance of Fast Write Speeds

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Fast write speeds are the key factor that determines whether the card will allow you to take full advantage of your cameras shooting capabilities. It determines performance when rapid burst shooting, filming in full HD and especially when using high-resolution devices such as the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera.



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The memory card industry is a competitive market. Make sure your card includes the following features; Manufacture Support, X ray-proof, Waterproof, Magnet-proof & Shock-proof, Extreme Temperature Resistance & Error Correction Code (ECC): That will detects and repairs sector errors before they become a problem, so your data is safe and retrievable.

As a buyer you should look for added value when comparing equally specified cards. Urth cards offer a free 200GB of cloud storage through Dphoto and also donates 1% of all sales to environmental causes via 1% for the planet apart from planting 5 trees in areas affected by severe deforestation.. So you can make a difference just by choosing Urth.


Things to be wary of

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It is important to choose a memory card brand that you can trust. Currently, there are many cheap alternatives on the market that don’t provide quality products. If losing your precious memories or work-related data is a major concern make sure you purchase your card from a company with a reliable brand and also someone you can talk to about your purchase. And remember that fake duplicates of top brands are a problem when buying on platforms such as eBay and Amazon.

Be informed. The last thing to be wary of is that Read Speeds are advertised on the card in lieu of the Write Speeds. This is a little misleading, as they are often faster than the write speeds and arguably less important. Make sure you check the Write Speed in the product specifications when comparing Memory Cards.


Advantages of buying directly from the manufacturer

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Another thing to remember is that you will be paying for a whole distributing chain when purchasing from most of the biggest brands. So finding a company that brings you the product direct from the factory can save you a lot of money without losing quality. Also, shopping online will save you from paying for passed on shop front overheads. When purchasing Urth cards you are buying straight from the manufacturer, which is why Urth provides the best value option on the market.


The Big Picture

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Buy from a company who actually cares about the world’s precious natural environments and actively works to protect them. Urth aims to cultivate a better environmental conscience, on top of donation through 1% for the planet, Urth uses profits from memory card sales to fund filming expeditions through the wilderness with the expectation that appreciation of such places will drive a desire to preserve them. Also with every Urth memory card purchased you will be planting 5 trees in areas affected by severe deforestation. Revitalizing ecosystems and empowering local communities.





Urth Sustainable Products


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