• Urth Film Gold 3

Urth Short Film Gold III

Urth Short Film Gold III — Our favourite cinematic shorts from the web this week.



Urth Short Film Gold is an irregular curation of the favourite visual meals our eyes have consumed here at Urth HQ. A varied collection of our favourite, inspiring, informing or simply interesting pieces of mini cinema.

This round you’ll meet Viviane Sassen with Nowness, get barrelled in Liberia, learn about how your lens choice can influence your audience and lose yourself in rural Quebec with Fauve. 300 hours of footage is uploaded to Youtube every minute, and most of it is crap. So instead of condemning yourself to a wasted life of watching crap, watch these worthy shorts instead, collected, curated and delivered here just for you.

Enjoy Urth Short Film Gold.


Fauve – Jeremy Comte – Drama

A coming of age short played out in rural Quebec with many layers and a subtle linking of events. A festival favourite and Sundance winner, Jeremy Comte has directed his young talents superbly unravelling a visually beautiful and tense exploration of the human psyche.  The deliberate use of varied camera technique across the 15 minutes of footage dramatically adds to the weight and intensity of the mundane terror that in layer out in front of you.


Travis Lee Ratcliffe – Lensing for Character Perspective –
Lux Video Essay Series – Technique

Travis Lee Ratcliffe is a director and producer from Austin Texas who is curious about the way cinematographers can reinvent their techniques and create work with greater equality and economic sustainability. LUX is a video essay series touching on and exploring techniques used in cinema from the Stanislavski Russian school of acting to how your choice of lens can contribute to a subjective or objective perspective. Interesting, informative and digestible for anybody interested in how technique in filmmaking and photography can drive your narrative. The lens character video is above and you can watch the entire series here.


MÚKÙNÉ – Arthur Bourbon and Damien Castera – A Surf Edit / Doco Trailer

Two surfers see a photo of a foreign break, pumping away on the other side of the world, they pack some board bags and head off to film some dreamy exotic point break barrels. Not exactly a new concept but not a bad one either. Liberia isn’t a country known for its surfing, it’s more known for child atrocities and civil war, things have settled somewhat in Liberia since the end of the second civil war and for some surfing has become a way to wash away dark memories and glide freely.

I agreed with some of the sentiments in the comments and found myself wanting for more footage of the young local shred lords. The filmmakers and surfers Arthur and Damien addressed this by saying this is essentially a surf edit and secondly serves as a trailer for the feature doco to come which will follow in early 2019 in which they aim to portrait some the young Liberian surfers as young as seven-years-old. He finishes by saying they are surfers foremost and not filmmakers so it’s impressive they’ve pulled this edit off at all.

Shot entirely on gear that fit in a backpack: GH5s + metabones + Canon lenses, Miller Air Tripod and a DJI Mavic pro. Reminiscent of Mama Wata and A Million Waves I for one hope the doco comes through and portrays a side of Liberia not often enough seen from outside the diaspora.


Nowness – Photographers in Focus: Viviane Sassen — Doco

Viviane Sassen is the kind of person you listen to when she speaks. She’s affable, confident gentle and considered. Well, so I think from all of the interviews I have watched and read with her over the years. The Nowness Photographers in Focus series focuses on different image creators around the world in the arts and fashion industries, the widely celebrated and awarded photographer Sassen is the latest in their series. A glimpse inside the mind and process of a photographer who believes “You need to photograph every day, make stuff every day and not be precious about it,”



We hope you enjoyed this round of Urth Short Film Gold. You find previous collections of short distractions worth your time over here.