• Short Film Gold II

Short Film Gold II – Youth

Our favourite short film uncoverings from the last few weeks wandering the neverending webscape.

Paul van Kan  |   AUSTRALIA


From London to Zimbabwe, Hawaii to Western Australia and with an interval in Romania. Four of our favourite short visuals sharing the stories of youth around the world.

Drug Runner

The story of a fifteen-year-old cocaine dealer pedalling from the estates of London. Factual, linear and skilfully edited into an unprejudiced gaze on the spirals up and down of a child navigating their path. Director, Charlotte Regan wrote the film from hours of interviews she conducted with a childhood friend and drug runner. Freed from painting archetypal villains and heroes, Drug Runner stands out as a unique and poignant story told through film.


Amintiri Din Copilare – Childhood Memories

A young imagination, the creative minds of youth, not an iPhone in sight. Set in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. Cata, Rares and Robert holiday at their Grandparent’s farmhouse in the wild landscape. Free from artificial stimulation three young minds run wild with endless natural curiosity and ingenuity. A connection to their environment, their family, their animals, their presence and responsibilities is gently woven together into a short documentary evocative of a home movie. A life lived that instils an unprovoked and genuine appreciation for the beauty and importance of nature and it’s lands. A reminder to go outside, touch, feel and re-imagine your natural environment. The latest work from Mathieu Le Lay, a director-cinematographer inspired by nature.


Kormac | New Day

A music clip. Directed by William Armstrong, weaving through a day in the life of a young man on the precipice of adulthood balancing responsibility and desire in Zimbabwe. Riding trains for kudos and thrills against sublime African skies and the real weight of caring for his younger siblings is conveyed elegantly in just over three minutes. I am a sucker for a music video that serves and complements the track perfectly yet stands alone as strong short. New Day isn’t necessarily a new formula, but it’s seamlessly executed and engaging. The final dance scene is enchanting and based on tales of South African dancers who perform on the hurtling roofs between lines and tunnels.


Space – John John Florence

Anybody who’s ever put on a wetsuit has probably already seen this movie sixty timers over. That said, there are only 400K plays (in just over a week) on the Vimeo so that’s a whole lot of eyes unfairly deprived of this liquid magic. John John Florence has been injured and unable to defend his world title this year, Space serves as a reminder that he is somebody so utterly comfortable in the ocean and more relevant than ever in a week the WSL was surfing a machine-made barrel of bores. A glimpse of sorcery from this otherworldly talented 25-year-old Hawaiian. Filmed on a Phantom Flex 4K, this is six minutes of surfing cinema from Parallel Seas wizards, Erik Knutson and Blake Kueny. Setting the bar for surf shorts, as high as one of John John’s ludicrous rodeo flips.



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