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Twelve Frames with Chris Grundy

Chris Grundy is a legend with superb email etiquette and fantastic hair. Oh yeah, he is also pretty talented behind a lens. A long love affair with the ocean has seen Chris develop a unique style and vision for his most often shot muse. For Urth’s Twelve Frames, Chris shot some frames in Sydney and the rest in Tokyo, Japan, providing an insight into his life as a travelling photographer shooting for a growing list of solid clients.

Keep an eye out for his debut moving image work coming soon, shot on Super 8 film, of course. Thank you for taking the time to share a slice of your journeys with us Chris.

Make yourself a coffee, or tea or whatever your favourite perusing beverage may be, and take a slide through the Twelve Frames from Chris Grundy.



Chris Grundy

Hometown: Sydney

Website: chrisgrundyphoto.com
Instagram: @chrisgrundyphoto


In your own words, what do you do?

Something I love.


What are you working on right now?

 My first Super 8 film, organising a job in Melbourne next week and then sorting out my three-month trip to the States at the end of July.


 When did you shoot the roll?



Where did you shoot the roll?

Tokyo, Japan + Sydney, Australia



Take a frame at first light

My favourite time of the day.




Tree of the day

Flowers and the product of a tree. Found items in Tokyo.




Take a self-portrait outside

Where’s Wally? I feature twice.




Shoot a space you feel creative in

Stars. Japan is a country like no other. My third trip there and every time I leave feeling inspired.




Shoot the weather

A sunny day. Although I much prefer a stormy winter’s morning. Mood is everything.




Photograph someone you love

Love and affection. The people of Japan.




Shoot a stranger

Icebergs gets a polish.




Shoot your backyard

There’s so much beauty in our own backyard.




Shoot yourself before bed

Moments before bed. Tokyo Subway.




Shoot the contents of your bag

Super 8 and sun glasses.




Shoot something that makes you happy

A twin fin made by my good friend Max.




Take a frame at last light

A lone peak on the South Coast, just me and the sea.




Thanks for reading. You can find the other editions of Twelve Frames right here.




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