• Claudia Smith 12 Frames

Twelve Frames With Claudia Smith

Twenty four hours of a summer in Paris, seen through twelve frames, by Claudia Smith.

Claudia Smith is a human of few words, in that she prefers her photographs do the talking, and they speak volumes. Ever curious and forever evolving, Claudia has a gentle eye that always captures a deeper essence than what might be seen on first glance. Dancing with herself as a master of the self-portrait and bringing a refreshing eye to the saturated world of fashion photography, her photographs are steeped in class.

Everybody has a friend that they know is “bound for great things”, Claudia is one those friends to many I’m sure. Whether it’s painterly portraits in beautiful landscapes or bare and elegant interiors, Claudia’s photographs are rich of a personal nuance and never brash. Like the perfect meal: simple, but indelible.

Thanks for being a part of Twelve Frames, Claudia. Always looking forward to what’s next for you.

Claudia shot her roll of Portra on the streets of Montmartre in the 18 eme, Paris.



Claudia Smith

Hometown: Byron Bay

Website: smithclaudia.com
Instagram: @smithclaudia


In your own words, what do you do?



What are you working on right now?

Top secret


When did you shoot the roll?

July 2018.


Where did you shoot the roll?




Claudia Smith 12 Frames


Take a frame at first light

First light I saw, this is probably 11 am



Claudia Smith 12 Frames


Shoot your favourite tree

Zantedeschia aethiopica



Claudia Smith 12 Frames


Take a self-portrait outside

With the Sacré-Cœur



Claudia Smith 12 Frames


Shoot in a space you feel creative in

Anywhere outside, land and sea. A space I love to create work and where my mind can freely roam



Claudia Smith 12 Frames


Shoot the weather

Cloudy with the sun saying hey



Claudia Smith 12 Frames


Photograph someone you love

Always a good time with Max Ray Fin



Claudia Smith 12 Frames


Shoot a stranger

He said no…



Claudia Smith 12 Frames


Shoot your backyard

or Playground, the beautiful Montmartre (and Paris)



Claudia Smith 12 Frames


Shoot yourself before bed

*Teeth brushing noise*



Claudia Smith 12 Frames


Shoot the contents of your bag

Would put some frittes in my bag to take home if I could



Claudia Smith 12 Frames


Shoot something that makes you happy

An envelope full of freshly processed negatives



Claudia Smith 12 Frames


Take a frame at last light

Paris Bleu




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