• Ming Nomchong

Twelve Frames with Ming Nomchong

Welcome to the first issue of Twelve Frames, a project that asks a broad range of creatives from all over the world to share a little insight into a day in their lives. We were curious about how a range of people from all parts of the world living and experiencing different lives would interpret a loose brief photographed on one roll of film.

For the last month or so I have been sending out a roll of 35mm Kodak Portra to photographers, cinematographers, adventure enthusiasts and a range of other creative brains all over the world. A short list of prompts and a note comes with the roll, to be interpreted however suits the photographer.

Slowly, the rolls of film are beginning to trickle back into Urth HQ. We have teamed up with the legends from Bayou Film around the corner who are processing all our rolls.

The first roll sent back to me came from everyone’s favourite legend, Ming Nomchong. Ming is a successful fashion and art photographer based in Byron Bay, Australia. Ming also owns and runs a photography studio and women’s surf shop in Byron Bay. She never complains about being busy and still finds time to run around with her beautiful dog and shred in the Byron waves.  She probably gets more done in a day than most people think about accomplishing in a week. Ming is cool, I like Ming.

Please enjoy Twelve Frames Issue #1 with Ming Nomchong.


Ming Nomchong

Age: 36
Hometown: Residing in Byron Bay

Website: mingnomchong.com
Instagram: @ming_nomchong_photo

In your own words, what do you do?


What are you working on right now?

Updating my website, planning a creative shoot, checking emails for my 3 businesses.

When and where did you shoot the roll?

April 2018. We went camping for the weekend on the Sandon River.


Ming Nomchong


Take a frame at first light

My favourite place to be. Waking up next to my lover in a room with a view.



Ming Nomchong


Shoot your favourite tree

Frangas. Their sweet scent whisking me off to a South Pacific daydream.



Ming Nomchong


Take a self-portrait outside

I’ll own a boat one day, and I’ll sail away into the sunset.



Ming Nomchong


Shoot in a space you feel creative in

Once you have the sea in your blood, you’re forever salty.



Ming Nomchong


Shoot the weather

It’s kinda weird to shoot the weather when it’s sunny and perfect. So here’s the sun, the sky, land, the ocean and a bird.



Ming Nomchong


Photograph someone you love

G Love.



Ming Nomching


Shoot a stranger

Brooms Head corner store customers.



Ming Nomchong


Shoot your backyard

Nature’s playground, our backyard for the weekend.



Ming Nomchong


Shoot yourself before bed

Teeth brushing, camp styles. 



Ming Nomchong


Shoot the contents of your bag

Beach ready.



Ming Nomchong


Shoot something that makes you happy

Peas in a pod.



Ming Nomchong


Take a frame at last light

Last light is my Romeo.




If you would like to be a part of the Twelve Frames project, say hello in an email to [email protected]