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Twelve Frames With Nick Parkinson

Balifornia to Broken Hill. A roll of Kodak Portra with Nick Parkinson, or Parko.

Some visuals that are iconically Australian: road trips, red dirt, schooners, clapped out cars in a desert dustbowl, mines, roadside Motels, cockatoos, Milton Mangoes. Parko captured all of these and more into Twelve Frames.

Take a ride from the coastal town of Balifornia among the Northern Rivers NSW, heading inland, to the frontier mining town of Broken Hill, picking up a whole lot of red dirt on the way.

Like most of the creative legends shooting rolls for Twelve Frames, Parko is a hustler. Directing all things photography at Mr Simple, shooting his own commercial and personal projects and more. All the while raising a small human he helped his wondrous partner Molly create.

Parko has an eye for the classic Australiana, like stills from Wake in Fright, the lurid colours of roadside motels break up dusty scenes in between. Always a collision of droll and terrific. Relax with Parko in the ultimate luxury of a 2-star motel.



Full Name:

Nick Parkinson

Hometown: Ballina NSW

Instagram: @nparko



In your own words, what do you do?

Throw light over products. Push pixels.


What are you working on right now?

Postcards for your wall.


When did you shoot the roll?

August 2018


Where did you shoot the roll?

Ballina to Broken Hill



Nick Parko


Take a frame at first light

Opal mine sunrise (White Cliffs NSW)



Nick Parko


Shoot your favourite tree

Noisey Buggers (Ballina NSW)



Nick Parko


Take a self-portrait outside

Thirsty work (Underbool VIC)



Nick Parko


Shoot a space you feel creative in

Anywhere solo (Mingary SA)



Nick Parko


Shoot the weather

Offshore and glassy (Olary SA)



Nick Parko


Photograph someone you love

Molly x (Ballina NSW)



Nick Parko


Shoot a stranger

Your friendly local bowling club (Broken Hill NSW)



Nick Parko


Shoot your backyard

Backyard Goals (White Cliffs NSW)



Nick Parko


Something that makes you happy

Date Night (Palace Hotel Broken Hill)



Nick Parko


Shoot the contents of your bag

Vinyl woodgrain and International Roast (Menindee NSW)



Nick Parko


Shoot the last light

Last Light, first Drinks (Murrayville VIC)



Nick Parko


Shoot yourself before bed

2-star Luxury Deluxe (Murrayville VIC)




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