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Twelve Frames With Robyn Daly

Robyn Daly is a Wellington-born Melbourne based photographer, delightful human and self-confessed creep. Curious about the lives of others, as depicted in one of her seven self-published books ‘I Want This Life and Another’. Yes, seven self-published books, including a 3.2-metre full-colour concertina beast! I am lucky enough to have met Robyn, and she is only the right kind of creepy.

She values the importance of capturing the moments free from awareness in the lives of strangers, capturing those moments most of us only catch unconsciousness glimpse of in our daily travels. Sometimes that means stalking the streets with a camera glued to your face and occasionally getting yelled at for it. Maybe that’s how she captures emotional and evocative photographs of scenes that often go unnoticed, frames and fragments of beauty in the everyday mundane nothingness.

Hungry for the unfamiliar and a new route, Robyn travels frequently and captures the lives of others wherever she goes. Golden stills from a lake in Krakow to the streets of Collingwood show Robyn has an uncanny ability to curate a beautiful, interesting and telling photo-book mainly concerned with the backs of stranger’s heads.

Thank you for taking the time to shoot a roll for Twelve Frames Robyn.

Please enjoy a sun-drenched snippet from Bali.



Full Name:

Robyn Daly

Hometown: Wellington, New Zealand

Website: robyndalyphotography.com

Instagram: robyndaly_


What are you working on right now?

I’m taking a break from thinking about an end result. I’m happy to be taking photos without a clear idea of what they mean or where they will end up. This year I’ve been fortunate to travel overseas a number of times, so I’m just gathering photos from places I’ve visited for now.


When did you shoot the roll?

These photos were taken in the first week of October when my sister, my mum and I all met up for a tropical holiday together.


Where did you shoot the roll?

Balian Beach, Bali. A beautiful secluded place that feels so far away



Robyn Daly


Take a frame at first light

Taken at about 6 am or possibly earlier. Outrageously early for me – the sun, the jetlag and the crazy roosters are to blame. This was the stunning view from the villa we stayed in, a few minutes walk to the black sand beach.



Robyn Daly


Shoot your favourite tree

Found this tree as we were walking to find a gin & tonic. It was dusk, and the tree looked lovely.



Robyn Daly


Take a self-portrait outside

Classic shadow shot. The pool right before I jumped in.



Robyn Daly


Shoot a space you feel creative in

I was pretty mesmerised by this scene. So peaceful and not a person in sight.



Robyn Daly


Shoot the weather

Despite being around 30 degrees every day, this woman braved the heat in a motorbike helmet for a quick dip in the sea.



Robyn Daly


Photograph someone you love

My sister. My best friend and nemesis.



12 Frames with Robyn Daly


Shoot a stranger

Met a few cute dogs on the beach.



Robyn Daly


Shoot your backyard

I’m still not sure if this was all a dream.



Robyn Daly


Shoot the contents of your bag

The contents of my tote bag arranged on the rocks. Essentials and silly things.



Robyn Daly


Something that makes you happy

Loved seeing these cows grazing in the most peaceful landscape imaginable. It’s a great life for a cow in Bali.



Robyn Daly


Shoot the last light

This was at a spot called Secret Beach. Mum had saved a bottle of bubbly from the airport haha, so we sat drinking on the edge of this cliff and watched the massive waves break on the rocks. Good sunset. Romantic.



Robyn Daly


Shoot yourself before bed

With a cup of complimentary herbal tea, ready to sleep :)





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