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Twelve Frames With Tom Wolff

Twelve Frames With Tom Wolff — The latest roll to come in the mail from Urth’s Twelve Frames project.

Tom Wolff   |   LENNOX HEAD


Tom Wolff is a photographer, writer and a lover and disciple of the great outdoors. He’s spent a mountain of time seeing what’s out there and spent a large chunk doing so on a pushbike. The big rolling waves and strong gentle hearts of Mexico entranced him and he wrote about that for us over here. Tom is living in Lennox Head, a perfectly sleepy surf town on the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, Australia.

Tom spent a Sunday cruising across Lennox and grabbing frames with his role of Portra, and not surprisingly in these lands, the weather was beaut and his photos are salt-kissed and sunny-hued. The first surfboard Tom shaped, a White-bellied Sea Eagle and a delicate myriad of newly found light leaks.

No Twelve Frames are the same and you only get one roll. Sometimes they’re clean and pristine, sometimes there are traces of light peaking through. Every time though, it’s another unique viewing. A simple and gentle collection telling of Tom’s connection with the lands he walks across and the inhabitants he meets along the way.


Please enjoy Twelve Frames with Tom Wolff.



Full Name:

Tom Wolff

Home-town: Lennox Head

Website: tomwolff.com.au

Instagram: @wolffonabicycle & @isurfbecauseproject


In your own words, what do you do?

I do a bit of everything and it seems to work pretty well for me. I write about stuff, take photos, make coffee, worked as a bushwalking guide in Tasmania and I’m now moving into outdoor education cause I think there ain’t much better than the outdoors for kids growing up.


What are you working on right now?

I’ve just been told I’ve got my first photo exhibition in the Northern Rivers Community Gallery in Ballina next year, so starting to think about that. I’m also toying with the idea of making a book based on the @isurfbecauseproject, which I’ve been doing for the last six months or so.


When did you shoot the roll?

I shot the roll last Sunday. It was my first day off for the week and the weather was particularly magical that day.


Where did you shoot the roll?

All around my hometown of Lennox Head



Tom Wolff


Take a frame at first light

Goooooood morning!


Tom Wolff


Shoot your favourite tree

This baby only flowers for about two or three weeks of the year, and it’s always pretty cool when it comes out. Adds a bit of colour to our backyard.



Tom Wolff


Take a self-portrait outside




Tom Wolff


Shoot a space you feel creative in

Anywhere where I can see saltwater, but especially this little spot. I grew up learning how to surf here and even though Ballina Council put a big ugly steel rail all along the foreshore they still haven’t managed to ruin it. *touch wood*



Tom Wolff


Shoot the weather

So glad I’m not working today.



Tom Wolff


Photograph someone you love

Ramona and I have spent every day of the last eighteen months together and travelled almost 10,000 km. We had our hiccups and disagreements along the way, but we’ve managed to stay together.



Tom Wolff


Shoot a stranger

She nailed the jump-off



Tom Wolff


Shoot your backyard




Tom Wolff


Something that makes you happy

Cousin Dede. Style guru and all-round classic. And she definitely knows how to hold a room.



Tom Wolff


Shoot the contents of your bag

Well, I didn’t have a bag with me today, but this was in a surfboard bag. It’s the first board I’ve ever shaped and I love it. Just wanna make more now.



Tom Wolff


Shoot the last light




 Tom Wolff


Shoot yourself before bed

A lot of Indigenous groups across the world have spiritual totems that relate to a certain animal or plant. I’m not an Aboriginal Australian, but there’s been a number of important events in my life that have coincided with me seeing a white-bellied sea eagle in flight. I guess it’s my spirit animal if that’s what you wanna call it. Every time I see one it reminds me how I’m part of something much bigger than the individual; something timeless.

I had a couple of shots left on the roll and late in the afternoon, this one cruised past me. I hadn’t seen one for a fair while. Coincidence? I’ll let you decide…


Thank you for reading Twelve Frames with Tom Wolff.



Like every roll, this was developed and scanned by Marshy at Bayou Film Lab in Byron Bay. You can peruse every other frame from selected beautifully creative brains around our world over here.