• 12 Frames with Christian Gibson

Twelve Frames With Christian Gibson

Welcome to Urth Twelve Frames with Christian Gibson.

Christian Gibson   |   BYRON BAY


Christian aka Gibbo, is the founder and co-director of Urth and the latest legend to put a roll of Portra through their camera for Urth Twelve Frames. Gibbo touched down in Tokyo and beelined straight for the organised chaos that are the basement camera stores of Shinjuku. A Nikon FM2N called from a cabinet, and a new friendship was made. Albeit self-admittedly left-brained, it’s obvious from Gibbo’s first rolls through the new whip that there’s still plenty firing in the other hemisphere.

Take a walk through the never sleeping streets of Tokyo, peeking across the road from one tiny space into another. I can’t imagine anywhere in the world quite like the teeming streets of Tokyo, and Gibbo’s Twelve Frames will serve up a taste teaser. Next stop, Hong Kong and mainland China.

Thanks for taking the time, Gibbo. Please enjoy Twelve Frames with Christian Gibson.



Full Name:

Christian Sam Frank Gibson

Home-town: Byron Bay

Website: mygobe.com

Instagram: @mygobe


In your own words, what do you do?

I’m a hustler, hustling his way through the ghetto that is life. I guess if we are talking about work, I’m the founder and co-director of Urth, the website you are most probably reading this article on. My role/what I do is quite diverse and is always evolving, as the business grows I seem to be spending less time actually doing tasks and more time telling other people to do tasks haha.


What are you working on right now?

At Urth I’m working on – adding square filters to our product range, as well as graduated circular ND filters, camera straps and camera bags. We are redesigning the blog, as well as parts of the website, so I am involved with that. There are 1000 other little things, but I don’t want to bore you. My other big project is Pacifico, a film I shot with Urth’s other director Chris. We have just finished the full final edit, so the end is very much in sight. I’m confident we will have the film done by the end of 2018. Yippie.


When did you shoot the roll?

November 2018


Where did you shoot the roll?

Japan, Hong Kong and China



Christian Gibson


Take a frame at first light

Not quite “first” light, but my best effort. If I had a dollar for every time I saw a sunrise, I would not have many dollars.



Christian Gibson


Shoot your favourite tree

So many different types and they’re all so charming. Yay trees.



Christian Gibson


Take a self-portrait outside

Where’s Gibbo?



Christian Gibson


Shoot a space you feel creative in

It could be the 60,000 years we sapiens spent evolving as one with nature, or just a coincidence, but I feel relaxed, creative and like a little Buddha when surrounded by the natural world.



Christian Gibson


Shoot the weather

24, mostly sunny



Christian Gibson


Photograph someone you love

Bestie, business partner, lover. Minnie!



12 Frames with Christian Gibson


Shoot a stranger

We both had a good giggle after this



Christian Gibson


Shoot your backyard

Not quite my backyard, unless I was Ashikaga Yoshimitsu in a past life



Christian Gibson


Something that makes you happy

Riding bikes in foreign lands on sunny days is most definitely one of my most favourite things to do



Christian Gibson


Shoot the contents of your bag

Get out of it, that’s my bag



Christian Gibson


Shoot the last light

In these parts there are no last lights



Christian Gibson


Shoot yourself before bed





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