• Dan Marsh

Twelve Frames With Dan Marsh

Welcome to Twelve Frames with Dan Marsh, the legendary human behind Bayou Film Lab.

Dan Marsh  |   Northern NSW


Twelve Frames is a project I started early last year from here in Byron Bay, Australia. I had an idea to send 100 rolls of Kodak Portra out to 100 different creatives from all over the world. I’d been sitting on the idea for years, and fortunately for everyone involved Urth was stoked to partner up and make it happen. Currently, there are around 50 rolls floating around the world and the exposed frames are trickling back in.

As the rolls find their way back across the seas to me here at Urth HQ, I walk them around the corner and leave them in the magical hands of Dan Marsh at Bayou Film Lab who develops and scans every single one. It was obvious I had to ask Dan to shoot a roll himself, which he managed to find the time to do in between running the lab, building beautiful furniture and houses, riding his pushbike, shredding the waves around the Bay, fixing his partner’s motorbike and building a darkroom on top of the lab.

It’s always such a pleasure to collaborate with artists you respect deeply and so many of the Twelve Frame shooters are exactly that, especially Dan. His approach to photography and his darkroom knowledge is refreshing, casually masterful and delivered with equal parts larrikin and grace. If you find yourself in Byron Bay, Australia, you should absolutely book yourself into a darkroom workshop with the master himself and learn about the alchemy behind your photographs.

Thank you for your time and expertise Dan. Please enjoy Twelve Frames with Dan Marsh.



Full Name:

Daniel Marsh

Hometown: Byron

Website: https://www.bayoufilm.com.au/

Instagram: bayou_film



In your own words, what do you do?

I process memories.


What are you working on right now?

On everyone else’s work.


When did you shoot the roll?

Hmm, it took me a while to shoot this roll!  Around springtime here.


Where did you shoot the roll?

Around Byron and the hinterland and out West.



Dan Marsh


Take a frame at first light

First light from Coorabel overlooking the bay, always an amazing view in the mornings, especially when it’s foggy through the valleys.



Dan Marsh


Shoot your favourite tree

This tree is across the road from home. In most light, it’s quite pretty.



Dan Marsh


Take a self-portrait outside

Me being a dork riding my girlfriend’s motorbike!



Dan Marsh


Shoot a space you feel creative in

My darkroom, printing for me is my special place.



Dan Marsh


Shoot the weather

Sun in ya’ face.



Dan Marsh


Photograph someone you love

Bae always being a muse. Minyon Falls.



Dan Marsh


Shoot a stranger

Farm Stranger.



Dan Marsh


Shoot your backyard

Our backyard is kind of our front yard.



Dan Marsh


Something that makes you happy

Solo me time on the road.


 Dan Marsh


Shoot the contents of your bag

I didn’t have a bag, only a couple of pockets.



Dan Marsh


Shoot the last light

Last light driving home.



12 Frames with Dan Marsh


Shoot yourself before bed

Solo swag campfire.




The rest of the Twelve Frames can be found here, shot from Japan to Paris and a bunch of stops on the way, all developed and scanned by Bayou Film Lab in Byron Bay, Australia.