• 12 Frames with Daria Samway

Twelve Frames With Daria Samway in Miami Beach

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You might remember Daria from her conversation with Urth for Shooting the Surf, where we chatted about riding the subway to find a wave and the surf culture in New York. Being the legend that she is, she also shot a roll of Portra for Urth Twelve Frames. We just got the negs back from Bayou Lab and we’ve put together a selection of gold frames for you, shot on her last day at home in Miami Beach before heading off to Costa Rica in pursuit of warmer waves I presume. A love letter to a hometown left behind, a grey day to reflect, welcome to Twelve Frames with Daria Samway.

Photography by Daria Samway

In your own words, what do you do?

Many, many things at the moment! I just moved to Costa Rica for a few months. I’m studying here, travelling a bit, taking photos, and reading a good book. Enjoying the sun, the mountains, the ocean, and all the green space around me too :)

What are you working on right now?

I’m always working on being present. Artistically though, I’ve been really inspired by shadows recently, so I think I’ll start a series exploring that soon.

When did you shoot the roll?

I shot this roll the day before I moved to Costa Rica. The day started off so clear and sunny and ended pretty gloomy… but it was still a sweet opportunity to reflect and appreciate home before heading out for a few months.

Where did you shoot the roll?

Home. Miami Beach, FL.

No. 1

Take a frame at first light

12 Frames with Daria Samway

Early morning blur.

No. 2

Shoot your favourite tree

12 Frames with Daria Samway

I never realized it was my favourite tree until I started thinking about what my favourite tree was.

No. 3

Take a self-portrait outside

12 Frames with Daria Samway

Just waving hi to the puddle.

No. 4

Shoot a space you feel creative in

12 Frames with Daria Samway

I think my first photo taken with a camera was of this lifeguard stand. I always feel creative here.

No. 5

Shoot the weather

12 Frames with Daria Samway

High hazard, dangerous marine life.

No. 6

Photograph someone you love

12 Frames with Daria Samway

My sweet grandmother and great aunt. Just two sisters chatting in the garden.

No. 7

Shoot a stranger

12 Frames with Daria Samway

Resting on a football while painting the ocean on the inside of a tin container.

No. 8

Shoot your backyard

12 Frames with Daria Samway

Lots of green. Some red too.

No. 9

Shoot the contents of your bag

Improvising with this one a little bit. It’s more the contents of my day. Riding my bike, bag on my back, camera in one hand, other hand waving hi… not sure who was steering.

No. 10

Something that makes you happy

12 Frames with Daria Samway

Grey day remedied by the ocean :)

No. 11

Shoot the last light

12 Frames with Daria Samway

Heading home.

No. 12

Shoot yourself before bed

12 Frames with Daria Samway

Last night home for a little while.

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