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Twelve Frames With Dave Thew

Welcome to Twelve Frames With Dave Thew. Featuring a classicly white Troopy, a beaut longboard and an ever trustworthy Nikonos-V. No points for guessing Dave is a surf photographer from Byron Bay. A photographer amongst a myriad of other things, Dave is a doer.

Dave Thew   |   BYRON BAY


Dave is a legendary log gliding, Nikonos wielding, contagiously happy, deserved raffle winner and the latest creative to shoot a roll for Urth Twelve Frames, a project involving 100 rolls of Kodak Portra spread around the globe.

Being an avid surfer and possessing a talented eye, it made sense for Dave to shoot the melting pot of talent bobbing about at The Pass every morning. Dave manages to get in the water more than most people I know even though he works 17 jobs and is at the tail end of a degree. It obviously works wonders, because whenever I run into him he beams through a warm smile with bright eyes. Good onya Dave. Dave’s frames are mainly concerned with the ocean, his Troopy and blue skies. A recipe for a calm mind.

Please enjoy Twelve Frames with Dave Thew.



Full Name:

Dave Thew

Home-town: Byron Bay

Website: davethew.com

Instagram: @dreamingcaterpillar


In your own words, what do you do?

A lot. Is it possible to do too many things? I take photos in the water for fun. I work a few jobs, and I study full time. Life’s good.


What are you working on right now?

I’m actually moving house today, so the next few months (or years!) I’ll be working on the house with my girlfriend Sarah. Next year I’ll start my Master’s/Ph.D. so the next three years I think I’ll be working on that a great deal. All the while jumping in the water when I can to take photos, zone out, and keep myself sane.


When did you shoot the roll?

27th November 2018.


Where did you shoot the roll?

Byron Bay and Coorabell, Northern Rivers NSW, Australia.



Dave Thew


Take a frame at first light

I walked outside at first light to take a look out from my balcony and walked back inside… Sarah was still tucked in wondering what the hell I was doing.



Dave Thew


Shoot your favourite tree

I took this photo of this tree late in the arvo when I was shooting my backyard. It’s a big lone Pine tree next to the pecan orchard and we often sit under it to watch the sunset. It also reminds me of all the Norfolk Pines along the Northern Beaches in Sydney, where I used to live.



Dave Thew


Take a self-portrait outside

Me, my car, my log, and a mango tin from the evening prior.



Dave Thew


Shoot a space you feel creative in

I like to take photos in the water. This is at Belongil, where I spend a lot of time bobbing about. Not only do I feel creative trying to capture my mate’s surfing, but floating around in the water clears the head and helps get the juices flowing for writing.



Dave Thew


Shoot the weather

Horses chilling in the sun. Been a lot of hot days lately. That’s Bubba on the left. He’s the boss.



Dave Thew


Photograph someone you love

That’s Sarah. (I also love the board she’s holding … and maybe the car.)



Dave Thew


Shoot a stranger

I admit I somehow skipped this one and forgot to shoot a stranger, but a frame of a lone person walking along the beach at Belongil is pretty rare so it will have to do. Few people in the water though!



Dave Thew


Shoot your backyard

This is the pecan orchard behind the house. The pine tree I mentioned earlier is in the background too.



Dave Thew


Shoot the contents of your bag

When I’m running out the door in the morning I’m usually carrying this tote bag with everything I need for the day. I work in the industrial area and although it’s only 15 minutes’ home, it seems too far. There is the laptop for work, the New Philosopher mag for if I get a free moment or two, the water bottle I’ve had for as long as I can remember, and I was shooting earlier in the morning on the Nikonos-V and it was hitching a ride in the bag ready for a fresh-water soak.



Dave Thew


Shoot something that makes you happy

This is Kate. She’s 12 or 13, an ex-farm dog, and spends most of the day moving around the house from daybed to daybed, followed by a walk up at the beach



Dave Thew


Shoot the last light

This is the view from the pine tree. Wasn’t exactly last night, but was close enough and dinner wasn’t going to cook itself.



Dave Thew


Shoot yourself before bed

These are my feet. Be thankful this is all you can see.




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