• Lady Mustard

Twelve Frames With Lady Mustard

Lady Mustard captured her golden brushed town on the Gold Coast for the latest Urth Twelve Frames.

Lady Mustard   |   GOLD COAST


Twelve Frames is a project involving 100 rolls of Kodak Portra that we’re sending to 100 inspiring artists from all corners of the globe. The rolls come with a little brief to be digested and used at the artist’s will. A day in the life of if you will. Or in this case, Twelve Frames from three months in the life of Lady Mustard aka Maddison Eileen.

Mustard is based on the gleaming and glistening Gold Coast Australia. A sun-soaked wonderland meeting place of epic natural beauty and suburban coastal dreams. Keeping busy making photograph, zines and mustard bleeding eye paste-ups dotted around Miami. Mustard’s love for the saturated Australiana coastal life is evident in her work, bright, vivid and exploratory photographs you could lick the salt mist off.

Thanks for taking the time to shoot a roll for Twelve Frames Mustard. And a special thank you for the handwritten note/puzzle attached to the roll that I thoroughly enjoyed deciphering to match frames to captions. Enjoy Twelve Frames with Lady Mustard.



Full Name:

Maddison Eileen
aka Lady Mustard

Hometown: Toowoomba

Website: ladymustard.bigcartel.com

Instagram: lady.mustard



In your own words, what do you do?

I just do life and photograph its happenings along the way :)


What are you working on right now?

I just released a new photo zine that I was working on for a few months so I’m now just cruising ‘n will see what I think of next.


When did you shoot the roll?

Oooh I shot it over like 3 or so months, easily the longest it has taken me to fill a roll. Work had me tired up real good.


Where did you shoot the roll?

Around the shores of the Gold Coast and at home for a few shutter clicks.



Lady Mustard


Take a frame at first light

Sit Down



Lady Mustard


Shoot your favourite tree

Slice of paradise Palm



Lady Mustard


Take a self-portrait outside

Lady in the shadows



Lady Mustard


Shoot a space you feel creative in

I like deck chairs



Lady Mustard


Shoot the weather

Ultimate beach day



Lady Mustard


Photograph someone you love

Ladies I love



Lady Mustard


Shoot a stranger

Stuck in time



Lady Mustard


Shoot your backyard

Backyard blitz



Lady Mustard


Something that makes you happy

Intertwining happiness


Lady Mustard


Shoot the contents of your bag

Everyday contents



Lady Mustard


Shoot the last light



Lady Mustard


Shoot yourself before bed

By bed



The rest of the Twelve Frames can be found here, shot from Japan to Paris and a bunch of stops on the way, all developed and scanned by Bayou Film Lab in Byron Bay, Australia.