What’s Inspiring Cai Fox Leplaw?

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Inspiration is everywhere, but what sparks it is different for everyone. For multi-disciplinary artist and Urth Ambassador Cai Fox Leplaw, it’s the people and places he comes across in everyday life, or those closest to him that influence his creativity.

Words and Photography by Cai Fox Leplaw

1. A book or article

On reflection, I realise the poetry and short stories that my grandfather introduced me to when I was younger have shaped how I think and therefore create. ‘Have a Nice Day’ by Spike Milligan comes to mind always. 

2. A podcast

I am forever addicted to Podcasts. I’m currently listening to a ‘Smartless’ interview with Jordan Peele. I was lucky enough to be invited onto ‘Calling All Lovers’ Podcast recently too. 

3. A movie or TV show

‘UTOPIA.’ It’s a British TV series produced by the same team as ‘Mistfits.’ The colours, the mood and the shots have always been a point of reference for me.  

4. An artist

I’ve always been inspired by multifaceted creators. Creators that break down the walls between fields and allow themselves to successfully create without the limitations of sticking to one craft. Artists like Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West who create worlds surrounding an art-form, utilising a team of creative thinkers to create a project that draws the viewer in.  

5. A song/playlist/album  

I’ll always say ‘Ride On’ by ACDC, because that’s my mum and dad’s song. Every time I hear it, it reminds me of the beautiful family I am blessed with. Side note, I’ve been running ‘Lullaby’ by The Cure as my morning hype song for the past week and I’m really feeling it at the moment.

6. A place  

Because I’m such a sponge, my place of inspiration is and will always be where I’m currently living. For me now, that’s Sydney and I’m loving it.  

7. A project  

I’m currently working on a project that keeps on bringing me back to the computer, constantly finding reference and meaning behind the body of work that will hopefully open some eyes in the Australian fashion and arts industry.  

8. An activity  

People watching. 

9. An object

I just bought a new guitar at the markets and haven’t put it down since.  

10. A tool or piece of gear  

The Urth bag you guys gave me has officially become a staple piece in my everyday life. Huge fan.  

11. Something unexpected 

An inspiration point for me right now that has affected my current state of mind is the people I’ve been able to meet in the past few months. Inspiration for me comes in all forms — and that includes people — what they choose to wear, how they hold themselves, how they talk etc. 

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Cai Fox Leplaw

Urth Ambassador Cai Fox Leplaw isn’t afraid to lean into ‘the slightly odd and kind of uncomfortable.’ Whether his attention is drawn towards environmental calamity or meditative reflections, his images confront his everyday thoughts head-on.

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