What’s inspiring Dino Kužnik?

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Inspiration can be found in the most unexpected of places. What person glazes over, could be another’s greatest muse. See what inspired Urth Ambassador Dino Kužnik for your next dose of inspiration.

Words and Photography by Dino Kužnik

1. An object

I just got a new bike in 2022 – the State Bike black label 6061 and have been biking all around the five boroughs of NYC this summer. On the weekend, I usually try to do a longer distance – a full day ride, where I bring my camera along and just cruise around, finding interesting subjects and great locations to use in the future projects – my google maps is a mess with all the tags. It’s basically my primary way of getting around the city.

2. A place

Dalmatia, Croatia (a region, not a place actually). I just came back to New York a few days ago from the seaside. I visited my friends and family back home in Slovenia and then left for vacation in the Dalmatia region in Croatia. I have been going to Croatia my whole life, but Dalmatia is something else.

3. A podcast

Team Deakins & Stuff You Should Know

4. A product

Ricoh GR IIIx. I have always carried 35mm point and shoots with me, and I almost feel like something is missing if I do not have a camera on me. But given that the hype of film cameras has made the majority of 35mm point and shoots very expensive, the fact that most of them eventually break down, and due to lack of spare parts, I invested in a small digital point and shot last year. Ricoh GR IIIx is such a versatile and capable little camera – it’s just mind-blowing how good it is. It fits in your pocket and is as capable as a DSLR/Mirrorless.

5. A project

Aliens in Residence – AIR for short. A small publishing project we are launching this year with my business partner Arnaud Montagard. As photographers, we are both very into photo books and have always dreamt of making our someday – and this year; it will become a reality. The first book we are launching is Lunch Poems by US-based Canadian photographer Leah Frances. If you want to learn more, you can do so here.

6. A tool

A very good quality kitchen (chef’s) knife – I cook a lot :) I forgot the brand I have, but it’s German.

7. A book

Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly from the late Anthony Bourdain. I finally read this book that a friend suggested to me, and I must say it’s a doozie. Bourdain describes his experiences in the culinary world with such “panache” you really can’t stop reading. It makes me wish I was born at a different time so I could document New York back then. I highly recommend the book to everyone.

8. An artist

Bryan Schutmaat. I love his work and am still on the lookout for his book Grays the Mountain Sends – it has been eluding me for quite some time and is already such a rare piece that the price is just too high. I did get some inside info of a reprint, though – damn, I’m not good at keeping secrets, am I?

9. A movie

Everything Everywhere All at Once. This A24 movie was probably one of my favorites this year … I also really liked Dune (I just watched it recently), but more so because of the incredible sound design from Hans Zimmer rather than the movie itself. I do have high hopes for the second part, though.

10. A song

Can I substitute for a playlist? If so, I have been listening to this massive playlist from Four Tet and finding some excellent artists. And when I say huge, I’m not kidding; it’s 158 hours long.

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Dino Kužnik

Urth ambassador Dino Kužnik is a New York based photographer, originally from Slovenia. He uses photography as a medium to immortalise scenes that are aesthetically unique, with an emphasis on colour and composition. Solitude is a driving factor behind Dino's personal work. It reflects a peaceful state of mind, one only attainable after total immersion within the environment he works in.

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