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Breathtaking Iceland Images by William Patino

William is an awesome photographer who travels around the world making us inspired and or jealous. He transports us to the time and place of his images by invoking a deep sense of emotion and drama.

William Patino     |     AUSTRALIA


What made you want to go to Iceland?

Iceland is a place that has been on my radar visually since picking up a camera. Over the years I’ve seen countless landscape images captured there that have taken my breath away. It’s always been very high on my bucket list.


Will Patino Iceland


What makes it such a good place for photography?

The landscape in Iceland is very unique. From volcanoes, glaciers, towering waterfalls, black sand beaches, the northern lights and a low lying sun that stays gold all day, Iceland is near perfect. Not to mnetion you can access all these types of locations in one single day. Oh and there’s virtually no people around. The list goes on!


What’s your favourite shot from the trip? And why?

My favourite shot from the trip is an image I haven’t actually published yet. It’s from one of the most photographed locations in Iceland, the round mountain named ‘Kirkjufell’. Because of its popularity, I wasn’t too interested on shooting old Kirks but following the best weather somewhat left me with no choice. Surprisingly it was far more beautiful than the trillions of photos show and it was a composition that I sought out which really spoke to me and I felt offered something fresh. Unfortunately, the light was really flat at sunrise and I didn’t walk away with anything..

Days later I couldn’t stop thinking about the image and how it could turn out with some decent light, or even better, the aurora dancing overhead. On the last night of the trip, I decided to take a punt and returned to the region during a blizzard which had a slight possibility of clearing after midnight. After no sleep, several coffees and a few flickers of hope, by 5am I was standing before the exact image I had in mind with the aurora beaming across the sky above a fresh snow covered landscape. It was a surreal moment. The image will be called ‘Arise’ and will be released before the end of the year.


Kirkjufell Iceland William Patino


Any particular tips for photographers heading to Iceland?

My main advice is to be very flexible and work with the weather. Also, allow plenty of time to drive between locations as there are countless opportunities along the way. Just follow the light!


Where has it inspired you to go next?

Honestly, I am so keen to return to Iceland. I’ve only had a small taste of what it has to offer. I’d love to spend more time off-road and explore some of the lesser known regions. Although it’s incredibly popular, I think there is still plenty of new and interesting work to come out of that country. Plus the northern lights are incredibly addictive.


Godafoss Aurora Will Patino

Godafoss Sunrise Will Patino

Road West Fjords Will Patino

Skogafoss Will Patino



William Patino Urth Ambassador

William Patino

Urth Ambassador

A recent convert to the world of photography, William first picked up a camera in 2012 and hasn’t been the same since. By looking at life through a lens he has developed a deep appreciation for nature and opened his eyes to the vast, intricate beauty of the world we live in.

William not only appreciates going out and capturing images but also the moments that surround them. Time with the camera is Will’s way of escaping the fast-paced world, time where he is able to slow down and appreciate things in their simplest form. His work reflects his enlightened transformation from tradesman to photographer and his holistic approach is echoed in his captivating and sensitive images from the natural world.

William lives on the South Coast of NSW in Australia with his wife Renee and their young son Judah. He considers it a blessing to be able to share the beauty of our world with others and make a positive impact on people’s lives through the power of visual art.

William photographs using Urth SD memory cards and Urth Lens Filters.